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Is That A Camera In Kenzie's Pocket Or...?

Kenzie was set one of Big Bro's Top Secret tasks today for which he was asked to turn into one of the 'paparazzi'.

No, he didn't have to suddenly become a total git, but discretely take piccies of all his fellow housemates using a miniature digital camera.

The enthusiastic Londoner jumped straight into his mission, but suspiciously mooched around the house deliberating over who to snap first. No doubt model Caprice was high on the list, but in the end, Jeremy became his first subject.

With Kenzie having gone into the bedroom under the fake pretence of changing his clothes, he quickly grabbed a photo of his best BB pal. However, after taking the snap, the King Of Subtlety suddenly declared that he'd decided not to change in the end.


Caprice and Jeremy were suspicious of his slightly bizarre behaviour, quickly sussing-on that the fact he was on a mission for Big Bro, but not knowing precisely what he was up to.

Kenzie then took some more pics of Jezza in the jacuzzi, even though he only needed one of each housemate.

"What are you looking for?" quizzed Brigitte having clocked him hanging around the house a little later. But a bit of waffle put Bridg' off the trail and allowed the youngster to whip out his camera and snap Caprice.

Back outside, Kenzie managed to snap Bez, before completing his mission by framing Brigitte in the bedroom. Mission complete, a total success ...or was it?

Erm, no, mainly because every photo apart from the one of himself was a hazy, unrecognisable mess, the sort of pic your gran might be able to muster if presented with a new-fangled digital camera.

Upon hearing that he'd failed the task Kenzie wasn't happy, suggesting that he didn't take pictures that bad and saying, "That's b***ocks".

So, he missed out on a reward for the group, but the sexually-repressed teenager was probably more gutted that he wouldn't now have that picture of Caprice for his bedroom wall!

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