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Caprice's Model Behaviour

Caprice decided to have some toast this morning and nearly frazzled herself in the process!

As the blonde bombshell stuck a knife into the toaster to 'hoik out her snack, a concerned Jeremy shouted, "Don't do that!"

"It's all good," came Caprice's dismissive response, using the phrase that seems to have caught-on over the past two weeks as these things often do.

Jezza was seriously worried that the model's behaviour might result in her electrocuting herself. "It takes a second to turn it off and it could save your life!" lectured her peer, 'Dad' style.

Indeed, Caprice told the oft-witty actor that he was beginning to sound like her mother!

Granted, she was probably more likely to get a slightly warmed knife than get frazzled, but obviously sticking a metal object into a toaster is a dangerous and pretty dumb thing to do.

Oh well, you know what they say about blondes...?

...they have more fun, of course!

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