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Big Brother Sees ALL

It seems that after two weeks in the Big Brother house, Kenzie has only just realised that there are mirrors and cameras everywhere. Doh!

Alone in the bedroom with Caprice, the young rapper suddenly spotted what he thought was a person behind one of the mirrors.

Having got up to take a look, the freaked-out Londoner was about to be totally freaked-out, when Caprice pointed-out that there was a camera behind the mirror by his bed.

Why wouldn't there be, this is Big Brother after all?

But as Jeremy walked back into the room, Kenzie was gutted at the news, for he'd been standing in front of said mirror to change his boxers for the past two weeks.

Apparently, the slightly sozzled housemate thought that by standing underneath the motorised camera in the corner of the room, he couldn't be filmed in all his glory.

"My piece has been exposed to the nation!" he exclaimed, but was reassured by Jeremy that it would not have been broadcast if so.

However, Jeremy then undid all his good work by predicting that images of the concerned 19-year-old's tackle would probably end-up on the internet.

Start searching now ladies!

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