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Humpty Dumpty In Cheating Scandal!

Earlier this evening, the group played Pin The Tail On The Donkey and we thought Kenzie did suspiciously well at the time...

Dressed in their costumes, the six housemates individually took turns to pin the tail. Lisa's effort was miles off, Caprice did much better, Bez was in the right area but too high, Jeremy was also too high and Brigitte was nearly off the board.

But Kenzie, looking ridiculous in his Humpty Dumpty outfit, managed to get the tail very close indeed to the correct spot, prompting Jeremy to say, "Hang on a minute..."

Just before they took their individual turns, the six had to don a blindfold and be spun around three times, as is the tradition. However, the naive girls trusted innocent little Kenzie to wear the blindfold underneath his Humpty outfit.

Bad move.

Numpty Humpty cheatedFor in a bedroom chat between the cat (Jeremy) and the egg (Kenzie) tonight, the truth came out: Humpty cheated!

When challenged by Jeremy with Caprice in the room, Kenzie at first denied it but then 'cracked' and said laughing, "Did you like the way I staggered around a bit first?"

Jeremy was fake disgusted, saying, "I was thinking: He's an egg, how did he do better than all of us?!"

The youngest housemate then revealed that he'd pulled the blindfold up inside his costume and stated that he was very tempted to pin the tail exactly on the right spot, but thought it too obvious.

Sheesh... what IS the world coming to? You can't even trust children's nursery rhyme characters any more!

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