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Pimp My Ka(r)

He may well be a teenage pop star but Kenzie proved that his feet are firmly on the ground tonight, when talking about cars with Bez.

As the lads' conversation turned once more to cars, Bez revealed his plans to get some special 'spinner' wheels from America for his motor, 'Pimp My Ride' stylee.

But Kenzie, who's American rap idols all have souped-up vehicles like those featured in the MTV show, was a bit more realistic about what he should choose as his first car.

Whilst Bez has previously talked about buying a sporty Mazda RX-8 and also another car to modify, Kenzie's jalopy of choice is a humble Ford Ka.

"I'm not all for driving fast," said Kenzie, explaining that he was more interested in the fuel economy that a small car can provide.

However Kenzie, who plans to learn to drive by taking a crash course soon, conceded that he would make certain modifications to his first 'jam car'.

But the 19-year-old even had a legitimate reason for wanting to tint the windows black: not for looks, but to protect his privacy.

Later, staying on the same subject but talking to Jeremy in the bedroom, the junior rapper again mentioned his desire for Ford's smallest hatchback, a fun set of wheels for sure.

So, he doesn't want anything flash and is mainly interested in fuel consumption. Blimey, these pop stars are a bit 'sensible' these days, aren't they?

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