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Lisa Leaves The House

The third evictee of the series, Lisa I'Anson, has left the house tonight in a surprise eviction.

Having been told by Big Bro that she must leave immediately, the silky-voiced broadcaster was taken out of the diary room via the back door and ushered into the foyer in silence.

There, Lisa waited for the front door to open and when it eventually did-so, she was met by a mixture of boos and cheers. It seems that all CBB3 housemates are destined to receive the former, although Davina did re-iterate once again that it was 'all panto'.

Still wearing her Little Bo Peep costume, a smiling Lisa seemed unfazed as she stopped to pose for the Press and then made her way up onto the platform.

Once there, the fourth person to exit the house waved at the crowd and jumped up-and-down almost triumphantly. No doubt still in shock, Lisa looked somehow pleased to be out.

Good job really, 'cos she had no say in the matter!

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