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3rd Official Evictee: It's Lisa!

Having lasted in the game for exactly two weeks, Lisa became the 3rd Official Evictee of Celebrity Big Brother 3 tonight in a shock eviction.

The public have been voting for who they want to win the series for a few days now, and just before her eviction Lisa had received the lowest number of votes, equating to just 3%. Bez, Brigitte, Caprice, Jeremy and Kenzie had all received more.

Having been led to believe that they were playing a game of hide and seek, the group scurried to hide whilst 'seeker' Lisa was called into the diary room and instructed to count to fifty.

However, as soon as she'd finished counting, Big Bro hit her with the news: she would be leaving the house straight away via the diary room, with no time to pack and no goodbyes.

A shocked Lisa took it well, looking rather excited and not as disappointed as you might have expected. "Oh my God, that's amazing!" said the radio presenter before being led away by a producer.

The group continued to hide until Jeremy eventually sussed that Lisa was gone, but not before suspecting that Brigitte had also been booted-out, as she'd hidden herself so well.

During her time in the house, the ex-Radio 1 regular DJ certainly lived-up to her reputation for being bossy. She was memorable as the demanding Queen during the medieval task, a role she played with relish, even though it began to grate on her fellow housemates in the end.

Lisa will also be remembered for her feisty temperament and for her run-ins with John and Jackie. She says what she thinks, often with the liberal use of swear words. Indeed the ultimate profanity, the C-word, was used on John and won his respect!

Sometimes coming across as a bit 'up herself', Lisa was certainly in there to win but had lots of fun along the way and joined-in with everything. In fact, she encouraged others to do-so on many occasions.

The 39-year-old mum, who looks younger than her years, has a fantastic smile but perhaps we didn't get to see it as often as we should have? If she had relaxed more and taken things less seriously, then maybe the London lass could have gone further?

But her little journey has come to an end and the British public now know who Lisa I'Anson is, having had the chance to put a face to the voice that narrates many of our TV shows and adverts.

Well done Lisa. You might have been harshly kicked-out when you least expected it, but 'it's all good babe!'

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