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It's Party (Task) Time

The housemates were taken back to their childhoods today, as Big Bro's latest task was themed along the lines of a children's birthday party. Yippeee!

Having been provided with space hoppers, dolls, teddies, skittles, balloons and a treasure chest full of children's games, the housemates were as excited as a bunch of 6-year-olds at the thought of playing with it all.

Donning the costumes provided by Big Brother, the celebrity contestants would each represent a children's nursery rhyme.

Bez dressed-up as the Grand Old Duke Of York, Brigitte represented Three Blind Mice, Caprice was the little piggy who went to market, Lisa became Little Bo Peep and Jeremy was the cat from The Cat And The Fiddle.

But poor old Kenzie got tucked-up with the most ridiculous costume, an egg-shaped Humpty Dumpty costume that completely covered his body from head to toe!

"How the f*** am I gonna eat?" mumbled Kenzie through the grill in his eggshell coloured head, but the others just mocked him in response.

As the afternoon and evening wore on, lots of fun was had by all, with the housemates playing party games such as Pass The Balloon, Pin The Tail On The Donkey, Port Starboard, Pass The Parcel and Musical Chairs.

No apple bobbing, but then you can't have it all. At least the housemates were awarded prizes by Big Bro:

Bez got his washing done, Lisa, Jeremy and Kenzie won a choccy fondue set for a team effort and Kenzie won some silk bed sheets for his tail-pinning expertise.

The latter prize seemed to really impress the girls and Bez, but failed to provoke an expression from Kenzie's Mr Blobby-like face!

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