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Housemates Vote In 'Fake' Third Nominations

Big Brother called the housemates to the diary room to nominate this afternoon as usual, but the result is totally irrelevant.

As mentioned in our 'You Are Now Voting For A WINNER' story, Big Brother told us that there would be more nominations today. However, as we knew that they wouldn't affect the outcome of the game, we didn't believe the sly old entity.

But, a third round of nominations has taken place today, and unbeknown to the six participants it was just a fake procedure.

Big Bro, you're so cruel!

Talking of cruelty, the housemates aren't yet aware that someone will be getting the old heave-ho at an eviction tonight, so it looks like BB is up to its evil antics again by messing with their minds.

The most recent nominations make no difference to the game though, as the public are effectively deciding who goes next.

Here's who nominated who:

Bez - Jeremy and Lisa
Brigitte - Bez and Caprice
Caprice - Bez and Brigitte
Jeremy - Brigitte and Caprice
Kenzie - Bez and Brigitte
Lisa - Bez and Kenzie

So, Bez and Brigitte would have been up eviction if this was a proper nomination process and perhaps Bez would have gone then?

That said, nothing is certain in this game, except for the fact that one person will definitely leave the house tonight during the live 9pm show on Channel 4.

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