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Kenzie's Undercover Fumble Is Rumbled!

Kenzie was caught in the act at bedtime tonight and there would no doubt have been some red faces in the room had it not been pitch black.

You know what we're talking about... Bez has admitted that he does it several times a day, BB5's Jason Cowan was a regular partaker and BB2's Stuart Hosking was the biggest winker of the lot!

Okay, so we've just used this story as an excuse to drag up one-time BB psychologist Peter Collett's famous double entendre about Stuart, who's only crime during BB2 was actually winking. Well, and acting like a complete tos... you know what.

But tonight, Kenzie was having a bit of a fumble when eagle-eyed bedroom buddy Jeremy spotted the covers moving. Why he was looking, we don't know?

"What are you doing, you can't do that? Put it away!" whispered Jeremy, making Kenzie immediately stop his undercover funny business.

By this time, however, Caprice and Lisa had been roused and the latter asked Kenzie how he usually relaxed before bed. "I don't think we should go into that," replied the youngster.

And having heard enough about Bez' handy antics already this series, neither do we!

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