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The Group Goes (Prawn) Crackers!

Don't worry, the CBB3 six haven't gone completely doolally from being locked in the BB house for nearly two weeks, we're referring to the Chinese meal that they earned by completing a task tonight.

Big Brother confined the group to the bedroom and placed a huge bingo/ menu board and bingo cards near the sofas. Under the various numbers on the board was a selection of Chinese take-away dishes that the housemates could win.

The all-seeing entity had also rigged up a mobile phone - incoming calls only - and hid it in the living area. When the phone rang, the group had to find it and each housemate could order two items by taking a 'lucky dip'.

Their luxury meal could be anything from plain rice, through pork balls, barbecue ribs and chow mein, to spring rolls. There were no duff dishes and no horrible 'I'm A Celebrity' style surprises.

However, the housemates were sceptical and even when their fodder was delivered, they were hesitant to tuck in. They had nothing to worry about, but you do have to wonder what Big Bro is up to?

Presumably it was fattening them up for the (metaphorical) kill on Wednesday night, as the housemates aren't fully aware what's in store for them yet.

NEVER trust a Big Brother kids!

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