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Big Bro Sets Jeremy A Regal Task

Big Brother has set another of it's 'Top Secret' tasks today and Jeremy was the unwitting volunteer.

Having called someone to the diary room shortly before 2pm, the omnipresent one issued Jeremy with his mission, which was to mention at least six Queen song titles in normal conversation with his pals.

Three titles were compulsory - Another One Bites The Dust, Under Pressure and Fat Bottomed Girls - but Jeremy could choose three others from the many hits the band had during their 20-year career.

A number of tunes spring to mind that should been quite easy to incorporate:

He could have talked about his failed relationship with Rachel Stevens and stated that he needs 'Somebody To Love'.

Or, in a conversation about second evictee John, Jeremy could have referred to his 3-day refusal to join-in, likening the party-pooper to 'The Invisible Man'.

He could even have incorporated two titles in one sentence, by talking about cracking-up in the BB house. 'I'm Going Slightly Mad' and 'I Want To Break Free' would have been apt there.

The rules stated that Jeremy was not to sing any of the songs or make any reference to Queen, but what Big Bro should have done was made one of the compulsory tunes 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and stated that he couldn't refer to the song directly.

Now that would have been a challenge. What is a Bohemian Rhapsody anyway?

With just 30-minutes to complete the task, Jezza got straight in there when a pawn was knocked off the makeshift chess board, saying, "Another one bites the dust". Good start.

He then told a probable porky-pie to his peers, by informing them that he'd learnt to play chess when he was in 'Barcelona'. Two down, four to go.

'Under Pressure' was his next title and after some deliberation, he interrupted Caprice and Brigitte's conversation about exercise to slip-in the next one, 'Fat Bottomed Girls'. Cheeky.

'We Will Rock You' fitted nicely into the conversation unnoticed and the last title was cleverly incorporated when Jeremy told Caprice that she was the, "Killer Queen of workouts". Nice one!

As a reward, the group were given a couple of electric scooters to whiz around on, but they were taken away after about an hour by Big Bro.

Oh well, The Show Must Go On!

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