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You Are Now Voting For A WINNER

We originally wrote this story yesterday to let you know what the nomination and eviction schedule is throughout this week. However, we're not really sure that we know ourselves now!

On the day of the 2nd eviction, which saw the back of John McCririck, Big Bro told us that there would be two more rounds of nominations, leaving a Final Four in the house from Friday night up 'til Sunday night's series finale.

However, Davina announced after John's eviction that the voting lines were open and that you were now voting for a Winner. This indicates that there are no more nominations.

Davina also said that there would be a 'special eviction' on Wednesday night, so what tricks does Big Bro have up its sleeve? Actually, although we usually have a very good idea, we genuinely don't know this time.

The all-seeing entity might be planning to play with the format in order to make things more interesting and less predictable...

Perhaps the housemates will somehow get the overall decision on who stays and who goes via a nomination procedure? Maybe they will be given the chance to unwittingly swap the person with the least number of votes for someone else?

Who knows?

Big Brother is keeping things close to its chest, but as far as we know, there should be an eviction on Wednesday night and another on Friday night, with the Final on Sunday night.

Getting back to the main point of this story, we re-iterate that you are no longer voting to save anyone, but must now vote for who you want to win Celebrity Big Brother 3.

The person with the least number of votes recorded at the time will leave at the aforementioned evictions, notwithstanding Big Brother reversing the procedure or throwing two people out at the same time etc.

You can find the telephone and text voting numbers in a previous BBO news story.

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