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John Leaves The House

The second evictee of this series was announced tonight and the recipient of Big Bro's boot was as pleased as punch at the news.

Having said that he wanted to leave almost from the moment he arrived, John was gutted when he beat Jackie at the 1st Eviction to remain in the house.

Not wanting to quit, he begged his fellow housemates to nominate him and they duly obliged, although Bez received more nominations than John at Round 2.

When told by Davina that he was the 2nd Evictee, John raised his arms and gave the thumbs-up before walking straight over to the door, ready to go.

Bez, who like John was also keen to leave, was not happy at the news and had a rant about his fellow Mancunians keeping him in the house.

Oft-grumpy housemate John didn't want the fuss of a drawn-out farewell and was a bit dismissive to the group, simply saying, "Bye kids". He looked worried, but happy to be leaving, sporting a determined 'I can't wait to get out now' look on his face.

Having said all the goodbyes that he was ever going to, John's agony was prolonged for one more minute as Davina announced that she was coming to get him. The final 30 seconds of the countdown took place in near silence.

"We'll miss your moaning John," offered Jeremy as John disappeared out the door, on his way to meet Davina.

Predictably, there were boos from the crowd and Davina tried to make him at ease by re-iterating that, "It's all panto". John quickly posed for the press and then made his way up on to the podium.

However, instead of sticking around and lapping up the, er, adulation, John carried on walking down the runway and although grabbed back by Davina at one point, was soon off on his way to meet The Booby.

Talking of whom, his wife must have really missed having her 'Big Mac' around. After all, who wouldn't? (apart from the remaining CBB3 housemates!)

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