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Voting Telephone Numbers (Winner)

You have from now until Sunday night's Final to choose the overall Winner of the series. All remaining housemates are eligible and you are now voting for one of the following six people to WIN Celebrity Big Brother 3:

To vote for Bez call: 09011 32 33 01 (R.O.I. 1514 715 101) or text: BEZ to 84444

To vote for Brigitte call: 09011 32 33 02 (R.O.I. 1514 715 102) or text: BRIGITTE to 84444

To vote for Caprice call: 09011 32 33 03 (R.O.I. 1514 715 103) or text: CAPRICE to 84444

To vote for Jeremy call: 09011 32 33 05 (R.O.I. 1514 715 105) or text: JEREMY to 84444

To vote for Kenzie: 09011 32 33 07 (R.O.I. 1514 715 107) or text: KENZIE to 84444

To vote for Lisa call: 09011 32 33 08 (R.O.I. 1514 715 108) or text: LISA to 84444

Just to re-iterate, by the last day of the series there will probably be just four housemates left, as the two with the least number of votes will have been evicted before then.

Therefore, it's best to register your vote early, to ensure that your favourite housemate has a chance of making it to the last day. You can always vote again at the weekend and remember, a large percentage of the money gained from every vote registered goes to charity.

Text votes cost 50p plus network charges. Calls cost 50p or 70c R.O.I. Mobile charges may vary. Ask permission before you call. If you are texting-in your vote, please pay attention to spelling; it's Brigitte not 'Bridget' for instance. Lastly, Good Luck and fingers crossed that your fave housemate goes all the way.

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