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2nd Official Evictee: It's John!

Having spent twelve days and nights locked-up in the Big Brother house, racing pundit John McCririck has fallen at the second hurdle to become the 2nd Official Evictee of this series, the third person to leave.

Gaining 39% in the public vote which could have saved him, John was survived by Bez, which came as something of a surprise given that the latter has been acting horribly lately.

That said, John wasn't exactly 'Mr Nice Guy' himself during his time in the house and became known from day one as a rude, chauvinistic, sexist, lazy pig. This is a man who speaks his mind and no mistake.

Some of his comments were unbelievably 'un-PC' and his nose-picking and farting habits were ever-so-slightly unsociable. In fact, many fans thought that his outrageous behaviour was an act, but according to 'The Booby' that's the way he is in real life.

Perhaps knowing that he is so repellent and difficult to live with, there were rumours that betting expert John had placed a substantial bet on himself to become the first evictee of the series. However, he didn't count on the awful Jackie Stallone turning up.

A very intelligent man, John doesn't suffer fools gladly and when he actually fancied a chat with his fellow housemates, found that only Germaine, nicknamed 'The Gorgon', was on his level.

But the stubborn hat-wearing one famously abstained from talking to anyone for almost three days, having thrown a childish wobbler over not getting his diet cola.

Playing amateur psychologist for a minute, we were really hoping that John would experience a kind-of enlightenment during his stay and change from an ugly duckling into a... erm, much nicer ugly duckling!

The sixty-something housemate admitted before he went into the house that he is an unlikable person. But wouldn't it have been great if John could have come of the house having decided to make dramatic life changes and become a nicer person?

It's never too late John... there's a kind, caring, considerate person hiding in there somewhere, we just know it. Ahem!

But, it seems, John is not interested in that and remains his obnoxious, objectionable, arrogant and ignorant self. We feel that appearing on CBB3 won't have done his career any favours though, as who'd want to work with him now?

John McCririck was undoubtedly a huge character and it's a shame that he didn't last a bit longer - we've had seven series of Big Brother prior to this one, and the public should know by now that keeping the controversial characters in the house is essential.

Oh well. Even if he didn't clean-up at the bookies himself, at least we made a few squid on John's demise. Well, seventy quid actually. Cheers Johnny boy! Check-out our CBB3 Betting Zone for details.

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