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The Housemates Make Dolls And Jeremy Excels

As part of the Rejuvenation Retreat task, the Celebrity housemates have been asked by Big Bro to create dolls that represent their 'inner selves'.

The seven housemates were provided with a load of gear with-which to make their dolls, which were supposed to represent their innermost thoughts. They were allowed 45 minutes in which to complete the task, but were not permitted to help each other.

Setting to work transforming the rag dolls with cotton wool, fabric pens, dolls eyes and bits of fabric, the group soon constructed their Playschool-like pals and were instructed to spend time with them before visiting the diary room.


Once inside the diary room, they had to talk via their dolls and were not allowed to speak themselves. Er, Big Bro, have you gone totally off your trolley today?

Speaking on behalf of Lisa (!), her doll said, "I am the African queen, I am full of glitter and gold, I am a star... I am very wise".

Kenzie's caveman doll was cool, telling the all-seeing entity, "This is my chain, for all the ladies out there. This is my pimp feather. I have a leopard skin tracksuit. I'm stylish".

Caprice's doll talked about her happy face, Brigitte's Italian doll was fond of the boys in the house and John's doll had a third eye so that it could, "See the way out of here".

Jeremy seemed to get really into the task and came up with a rather camp doll who fancied Jason Donovan and chatted-up (the male) Big Brother. Aye aye?!

Bez failed to participate, seemingly taking-on John's former stance of not joining-in with the tasks. That was slightly hypocritical though, given that the one-time dancer labelled John a d***head for refusing to be a jester during the medieval task.

Oh well, they've failed anyway.

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