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Are Channel 4 Steering The Voting?

Last time we detailed the voting telephone numbers, we said that the 'vote to save' procedure was a one-off. However, Channel 4 now look set to continue it for the rest of this series. Just to re-iterate, fans normally vote to evict their least favourite housemate.

About the decision to continue, we can't help feeling that the producers are blatantly wangling the desired result here, by effectively steering the public voting.

After all, more people will surely vote to save John, than they will Bez? Voila! The controversial hat-wearing one stays.

We felt the same when Jackie faced John.

Basically, the producers needed shot of Jackie to appease potential quitters Brigitte and Jeremy, and it was obvious that a lot more people would vote to save John, than Jackie.

If, however, the normal 'vote to evict' procedure had been in place, it could have been a bit more '50/50', with more of the people who abstained from saving Jackie, bothering to register a vote to punt John.

In other words, we Big Brother fans are more interested-in and passionate about getting rid of someone, rather than taking the opportunity to save someone. Therefore, we are much more likely to get involved in the former scenario.

This is just our hunch by the way, we haven't actually analysed any figures, but you only have to know about human nature to work it out. We may be wrong.

So, are we fans being manipulated? Probably, but then again the viewers are manipulated via the editing of the show throughout every series, so it's nothing new. Are we being steered towards a Kenzie win, for instance?

Who knows, but here at BBO we hope that Channel 4 revert back to the usual way of doing things for Big Brother 6, or they risk the outcome becoming predictable once fans have sussed-on to their agenda.

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