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Rights Campaigners Attempt A Break-in

A group campaigning for Father's rights attempted to infiltrate the Big Brother house at around 2am on Friday morning, but their plan was well and truly foiled.

The same bunch who managed to get onto the window ledge of Buckingham Palace last September, tried to distract the Security with fireworks before scaling three sides of the perimeter fence.

Armed with bolt cutters, handcuffs and goody bags for the housemates, the thirteen men and two women made their way towards the house roof, but got nowhere near and were soon apprehended.

This kind of stunt has been attempted before, when a member of the public managed to infiltrate the compound and reach the garden during Big Brother 3 in 2002, just for fun. However, security has been tightened since then.

In fact, this year Channel 4 have stepped-up the security even more, with extra CCTV and additional neanderthal guards with dogs. This measure was partly to prevent local kids hanging around the area causing a nuisance.

Evidently, the recent raiders totally underestimated the level of security at the famous Borehamwood house, and a spokesman for the group said, "The Royal Family needs to talk to Channel 4 about the security here. It's a lot better! (than at the Palace)".

With yet another of their relentless stunts, Fathers 4 Justice might have gained a bit more publicity, but have they lost some respect from BB fans in the process?

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