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Name: Bez, real name Mark Berry
Age: 40
Lives: Manchester
Occupation: Former Happy Mondays band member/ dancer
Star Sign: Aries
Chosen Charity: Tsunami Disaster Emergency Committee
Other Info: Coming Soon

Current game status: Bez was the Overall Winner of Celebrity Big Brother 3.

Having become one of the so-called 'Final Three', he made it to the last day of the series and beat fellow contenders Brigitte and Kenzie to scoop the £40k prize money. At the series Final on Day 18 (Sunday the 23rd of January 2005) it was said that Bez received 54% versus Kenzie's 46%, but he really received 39% to win when taking into account the other Finalist, Brigitte. To re-iterate: Kenzie got 33% and Brigitte 28%.
Bez survived possible eviction at the 2nd Eviction on Day 12 (Monday the 17th of January 2005) when up against John, receiving 61% of the public vote to save him. His victory annoyed Bez as he was ready to go. Prior to this, Bez had not faced eviction.

Nomination History:

Bez was nominated at the first Nominations by Jackie and John.
At the second round Bez was nominated by Brigitte, Caprice, Jeremy, Kenzie and Lisa.

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