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Celebrity Big Brother 3 Betting:
In the bets detailed below we made over £300 during the 18-day run of the series. If you opted to have a flutter during this short-format series, we hope that you also came up trumps.

Overall Result: won £352, lost £20, making for a Total Net Profit during Celebrity Big Brother 3 of £332. Not bad given that it was an unpredictable series in many respects, but the bookies had it sussed in others, resulting in reasonably low odds throughout.

Sunday 23rd January 2005 (Day 18)
On the last day of the show our Poll indicated that Bez was just about in the lead, although we didn't really believe it. However, the bookies were offering amazing odds on him winning at that late stage of the game. So, because we couldn't really afford to back Kenzie (due to very low odds), we decided to have a punt on Bez winning the show. Staking £40 at odds of 6/1, we returned £280 when he pipped Kenzie to victory at the Final later that day. Result: £240 profit

Saturday 15th January 2005 (Day 10)
On the day after Jackie's eviction we decided to make a speculative bet on who might be up for eviction and subsequently get thrown-out on the Monday. Generally, this is the time when you get the best odds i.e. before the nominations have even taken place. With decent odds of 16/1, we staked £10 on Bez for a potential return of £170. However, we also staked £100 on 'favourite to go' John at the low odds of 4/5, for a potential return of £180 (£4 profit for every £5 staked, plus stake back). If neither had gone we would have lost £110, but overall we couldn't lose once the nominees had been announced. As it was, we lost our stake on Bez but gained £80 profit from John. We were really hoping that Bez would go, but we still made a few quid, so it's all good! Result: £80 profit + £10 loss = net profit of £70.

Thursday 13th January 2005 (Day 8)
After the nominees had been announced just a day before the 1st Eviction, we decided to back Jackie to be the one to go, staking £250 on her at odds of 1/6. They were quite low odds and to some, too risky for too little reward, but we gauged public opinion well and returned £292 when Jackie was kicked-out with a 67% majority. Result: £42 profit

Friday 7th January 2005 (Day 2)
We really 'took to' Germaine straight away and at the time, believed she could go all the way and win the series. So, we staked £20 on her to win at odds of 7/1, for a potential return of £160. However, mirroring John Lydon's walk-out during 'I'm A Celebrity' when he probably would have won the series, Germaine decided to quit on Day 6, meaning that we lost our stake. Result: £20 loss

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Please note that Big Brother odds are sometimes taken off the Blue Square site at around 8.30pm and sometimes earlier in the day, according to what's happening in the House. This is also the case for different Big Brother markets like 'Next To Go', which is not available from Sunday night through to Tuesday night. If this is the case, please come back another time.

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The bets detailed above have been placed by the Editor and Webmaster of this site personally. We are detailing them just for fun.

They do not constitute a recommendation by Big Brother Online in any way and this site is not attempting to influence you by detailing them. Furthermore, we have no inside information and the staff here are taking the same gamble as you would be, if you were to place a bet yourself.

Lastly, we advise that you place a bet only if you can afford to lose the money, however you are obviously free to bet how you like with regard to frequency and amounts staked. Big Brother Online will accept no responsibility whatsoever for any financial loss due to bets either placed or not placed as a result of any information found within this site.

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