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Sixth Nominations In Detail

The sixth round of nominations took place yesterday and everyone voted, despite the rumours that Mo and Kat (who had their suitcases removed recently for breaking the rules) would be banned from nominating. The Housemates from Hell had to dice 65kg of onions for the right to nominate.

New Head of House Dale could not be nominated this week, and here's who nominated who:

Dale - Mohamed & Darnell
Dale dubbed first nominee Mohamed a lazy and greedy 'tit', saying, "He jumped over the fence for a f*****g banana but one banana wasn't enough, he had to take a bunch. Just another example of Mohamed's greed". About second nominee Darnell, Dale said that the housemates think he's a gameplayer and noted that his aggression keeps surfacing. Acknowledging that he used to be friends with his oft-volatile peer, Dale said that he can't imagine speaking to him again and added: "If I was to be really friendly with him, that would make me a hypocrite".

Darnell - Rebecca & Luke
"She doesn't get along with other housemates that are really close to me," said Darnell of first nominee Rebecca, before adding, "I feel like her and Luke are a team and that's not good for the House". He also suggested that Bex is fickle because she hated Rex before he survived two evictions, but is now close to him. Darnell named Luke as his second nominee, suggesting that the student never has to pull his weight (do his bit within the group) and sometimes gets on his high horse about things, dishing-out thinly-disguised insults.

Kathreya - Luke & Rebecca
Kathreya's reasons were not made public.

Lisa - Rex & Darnell
About second nominee Darnell, Lisa said, "I've found him a complicated character from Day 1, and the main reason (for nominating him) is his attitude, his outbursts. Darnell just kicks off and makes a fuss over so many things". Lisa added that his behaviour unsettles people and it can be like treading on eggshells living with Darnell.

Luke - Darnell & Mohamed
Darnell was Luke's first choice, because he screwed-up being Head of House last week, notably when compiling the shopping list on his own. "He was an absolute joke as the Head of House," said Luke. He went into a rant about second nominee Mohamed, dubbing him a 'moron' and moaning about how greedy his peer is, even though the group are on a basic budget.

Maysoon - Rebecca & Stuart
Maysoon's reasons were not made public.

Mikey - Darnell & Kathreya
"Last week he demonstrated he wasn't a leader," said Mikey of first nominee Darnell, before adding, "There is absolutely no way I would have voted Darnell as head of luxury". The blind housemate then suggested that Darnell ensured he got sent to Hell this week as a ploy to gain friends and avoid nominations. About his second choice, Mikey said that he had deliberated over who to choose and admitted that it may come as a surprise, before naming Kat. "Everybody's getting absolutely sick to death with this 'happy, happy, happy'," said the Scot, moaning that Kat had been too loud this past week before suggesting that she's playing a big game and cries for attention.

Mohamed - Rebecca & Stuart
Mohamed nominated Rebecca first, saying, "She's filthy, she leaves her mess everywhere, she leaves her dirty knickers everywhere, she is basically dirty". He was also disgusted that she lasted such a short amount of time in the monkey-hanging challenge (6 minutes) which decided the current Head of House; the other contenders lasted over 8 hours. Mohamed nominated Stuart next, mainly because he sarcastically told Bex that she did well in the aforementioned challenge as a show in front of his peers, but was pally with her afterwards.

Rachel - Luke & Rebecca
Luke was Rachel's first nominee, because he tries to rile his peers and winds them up by bitching. "He looks down on people... he looks at me like I'm rubbish," she added, before saying that Luke needs to grow up. About second nominee Bex, Rachel said, "When we were in Heaven last week, she really had a big problem with seeing people in Heaven enjoying themselves, and she felt it because she wasn't the centre of attention". The trainee teacher added, "It's almost like she thinks the show is about her".

Rebecca - Mohamed & Darnell
In a return to her early-series 'Vicky Pollard' way of talking, Bex waffled-on ten-to-the-dozen about first nominee Mohamed, moaning that he is annoying, irritating, greedy, is not a nice person, takes everything the wrong way and starts arguments for no good reason. "I just don't like him at all," concluded Bex.

Rex - Lisa & Mikey
Rex nominated Lisa first, saying, "I don't think she likes me at all". The chef went-on to say that Lisa is condescending, patronising and makes things up. Rex cited an occasion where Lisa had suggested to him that he's the most disliked person in the House, so he assumed that she's been going around spreading bad vibes about him. Dubbing second nominee Mikey a bit of a dark horse and a 'lad', Rex said that his blind peer always undermines what he says and only seems to get on with the type of people he likes.

Sara - Mohamed & Rachel
"He's such a nice guy, but he's just so greedy... eyeing up all the plates, looking for the one with the most," said Sara of first nominee Mohamed. She added that Mo always goes for seconds and therefore isn't considerate to the other members of the group. Her reasons for nominating Rachel were because although they get along, she can't have a deep conversation or laugh with Rachel. "If we were put in a room together, just me and her, for five hours, I would be really bored," concluded Sara.

Stuart - Mohamed & Darnell
Stuart's reasons were not made public.

So, it seems that former Head of House Darnell was punished by last week's Housemates from Hell, seeing as Sara was the only one of that group not to nominate him.

Anyway, the tally after the sixth round of nominations was: Darnell: 6, Mohamed and Rebecca: 5 each, Luke: 3, Stuart: 2, Kathreya, Lisa, Mikey, Rachel and Rex: 1 each.

As a result there are three nominees this week, Darnell, Mohamed and Rebecca, who will all face eviction this Friday at the 6th Eviction of Big Brother 9.

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