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Audition/ Apply For Big Brother 8 Now

Right, you can stop pestering us now, for the time has come to reveal the application procedure for Big Brother 8. Phew, finally!

Every year, we state that none of us in the BBO office would ever apply for Big Brother, and frankly, nothing's changed this time around. This is mainly because BB contestants stand to lose as much as they stand to gain.

We're referring to the fact that many in the past have given-up perfectly good jobs to go on Big Brother, but got nothing out-of it in terms of money or a new career. Not to mention the fact that contestants (and their families) often take lots of flak from the press while they're inside the House.

Indeed, some former housemates are still remembered for being total gits, several years after appearing on the show.

There's a good possibility that you could follow in the footsteps of BB baddies such as 'Nasty Nick' Bateman, Makosi Musambasi and Grace Adams-Short, who all became national hate figures after appearing on Big Brother.

And you may well spend 12 weeks in the House and not get a penny for your troubles. Mind you, Big Brother is supposed to be a social experiment, not an easy ticket to fame and fortune.

That said, many former housemates have made a 'bob-or-two from the tabloids, but please bear in mind that some evictees don't get offered anything, even if they manage to last the distance.

Also, you might not be portrayed as you would like and the footage of your antics will be available forever. And there's absolutely nothing you can do about it if things go pear-shaped and you come across a bit of an a*se. But hey, don't let us put you off!

Actually, there's probably nothing we could say to put 'the determined' off and it's a good job too. After all, where would we Big Bro fans be without you?

Anyway, on to the procedure for getting-on Big Brother 8 in 2007.

This year, as-has been the procedure since Series 5, there's no need to fill-out an application form or send-in a video of yourself, however there are options to do the latter if you wish.

Rather, the majority of eventual housemates will be chosen from thirteen national open Auditions, which take place between Saturday the 6th of January and Sunday the 11th of February 2007. At least one eventual housemate will be chosen from the online applications – see below.

All you have to at the auditions is turn-up, queue with all the other potential candidates and then 'shine' when it comes to your turn. However, we can't be more specific on what that actually means, mainly because the producers don't have a set idea what they're looking-for.

That said, a mix of fun-loving, camp, dizzy, brainy, witty, geeky, confident, annoying, funny, argumentative, obnoxious and calming characters always works well. So, just be yourself and stay hopeful that you're what they're looking-for.

Just don't try and be something you're not, as you won't be able to keep-up the act for several months if you get into the House.

If you're usually really bubbly and chatty, then by all means be-so on the day, but try not to go OTT or you'll come across as a total-and-utter wannabe.

Conversely, if you're normally quite reserved but have a dry or intriguing character, then just act naturally and perhaps that's what the producers will be looking-for this year? Same goes if you're an obnoxious Mouth-Almighty; don't try and suppress your opinions or you could blow your chances.

Party tricks are always a good way to get attention, but although larger-than-life characters always get noticed first, such people have the potential to annoy. As do those candidates who insist on wearing Superman outfits (boys) or getting their baps out (girls).

Talk about Yawnsville? The show's producers have seen it all before.

So, if you want to be in with a shout of winning a possible £100k this summer, get yourself along to one of the below venues and do your 'thang! If, however, you can't make it to one of the open Auditions, you can always send-in an audition video, something that has been reintroduced for 2007.

All you have to do is make a 1-minute vid of yourself explaining why you should be on the next series of Big Brother, and upload it via the website.

Your video can be as serious or as wacky as you like, and in any of the following formats: 3gp, AVI, mpg, mpeg, mpv2, QT & MOV, WMV. Therefore, mobile phone or webcam clips are acceptable, although those produced on a camcorder will be inherently easier to watch.

That said, the producers aren't looking for professional and polished clips, just something that'll give 'em a good idea what you'd be like if you got on the show. Videos must be submitted by midnight on Monday the 26th of February 2007, and the file size must be no larger than 10Mb.

Good Luck if you decide to apply, and remember to keep in touch with BBO and let us know how you get on. Also, if you do make it into the Big Brother House, please put your family in touch with Big Brother Online so that we can support you throughout the series.

Click here for a list of Audition Venues and Dates (Pop-up; see FAQ's below)

Click here to read our Big Brother 8 Audition 'Frequently Asked Questions'.

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