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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

Tonight, either Jayne or Richard's name will be added to a list that includes Bonnie, Sezer, Sam, Grace, Lisa, Aisleyne, Jonathan, Lea and Nikki; all have been evicted during the past nine weeks, although as you know one actually returned!

We've pretty-much said all there is to say about the impending eviction in our earlier 'Eighth Round Nominees Announced' article, and not much has changed over the last couple of days.

Jayne still belches and burps like a trooper and if given the chance, she'll probably continue to run her mouth and flout the rules, whether deliberately or not.

And fellow nominee Richard will continue to snipe at Imogen, talk about sexuality and just be his somewhat bitchy self.

Neither nominee is a huge favourite amongst the fans, but then let's be realistic, there is only one favourite anyway, that's the guy who arguably does the least in the House or sits on the fence the most: Pete.

At least Richard sticks up for his point of view and unlike Mikey, he doesn't just cause arguments for the sake of having one. We're not sure whether he's overstepped the mark with his regular comments about/ towards Michael, but surely the latter would have known the score when he came-in late?

We're referring to the fact that there was inevitably going to be either a gay romance or some kind of gay rivalry, and frankly the latter was much more likely judging by past experience.

Ultimately, we don't think fans will want to ditch Rich because of this, mainly 'cos Michael isn't exactly a nice bloke, coming-to-terms-with-his-sexuality or not.

People often say that we should keep the big characters in, and that's a fine argument. However, it falls down when you consider that people who agree with it often don't vote for anyone; they won't pick up the phone to get Richard out, say, if they like the idea of keeping Jayne in.

Rather, it will be (mostly) the Jayne or Richard 'haters' on the phone, and to be honest, there'll be more of those in the former's camp. Therefore, we think that Jayne will go tonight, but that's down to YOU!

You have until around 9pm tonight, Friday the 21st of July 2006 to register your vote for the person you'd like to get rid of. You can find the voting telephone and text numbers in another article from Week 9 of our Latest News section

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