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Eighth Round Nominees Announced

The 8th round of nominations took place on Monday and for a change everyone was allowed to vote in the bog-standard procedure; no twists, no turns, no surprises. As a result, the nominees this week are: Jayne and Richard.

You'd think that Jayne would be the obvious choice to go, but it's not as-if she's a hate figure like Sezer and Grace were. Rather, she is more of a pantomime villain, someone we love to hate. Not even that, perhaps?

So, there'll be no 90% majority this week, but we accept that many fans have had enough of Jayne's rule-breaking and uncouth behaviour now, although admittedly it has been very entertaining at times!

When she went into the Secret House, Jayne must have known full-well that she stands no chance of winning. So all credit to her for going-in and just being herself... assuming that she's not a mole, of course.

About fellow nominee Richard, we're not sure that the public have warmed to him as such, but compared to Jayne he is arguably less annoying and offers a lot more than she can in most areas.

It's just a shame that the gay waiter hasn't come to life in the way that we thought he might when the Plastics melted away. We can't help wondering if he would be different with Mikey and Glyn (and Michael) out of the way?

Well, it looks like we might get a chance to find-out, as the London lad will almost certainly survive this Friday when Jayne is kicked-out with around 65% of the vote.

So, should Jayne stay because she stirs it up and keeps things lively, or should Rich get a reprieve because he's Pete's last proper pal? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open and the voting text and telephone numbers will be detailed in another article from our Latest News section soon.

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