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Big Brother 7: A One-Horse Race?

Let's face it, for some time now Pete has been the bookies' favourite to win BB7 and we're now wondering if it's a one-horse race, even though there's still twelve runners left?

We say that Pete has been the favourite for some time, but actually he's been the favourite all along. Let's give you some figures to help demonstrate his consistent popularity.

With odds as low as 4/1 when he entered the House, a £100 bet would have got you £400 profit. However, within a few days of the show starting the 24-year-old's odds were down to 9/4, so that same £100 stake would have won you £225 profit.

But edging towards the end of May, less than two weeks later, the Tourette's sufferer was down to 'evens', which means that you basically double your money. So, the same £100 stake would get you just £100 profit.

From there on-in he was 'odds on', meaning you stand to win less than you've staked, making for a bigger risk. He was 4/5 right at the end of May (potential £80 profit), then 4/6 at the beginning of June.

Despite brief challenges from Nikki and Glyn, Pete's odds remained steady for the whole of June at something like 4/6 (potential £67 profit), dropping to 1/2 towards the end of the month. So, that's £1 profit for every £2 staked, making for a £50 profit with the aforementioned hypothetical £100 stake. This is when we backed him to win.

Then, last week he dropped to 1/3 where he remains today, Friday the 14th of July (potential £33 profit). As at the time of writing, the next nearest contender is Glyn at 7/1 (£700 potential profit) and then Nikki, at 14/1 (£1400 profit).

From that you can see that the bookies, at least, don't think anyone can touch Pete at the moment, even though we have five more weeks to go.

At one point it looked like Glyn could be a worthy challenger, but frankly, since he's gone under Mikey's wing he's (probably) blown his chances. And we also wondered if Aisleyne could be a contender when she first arrived, but it soon became apparent that she wasn't.

Same story with Spiral, who had potential to form a double-act with fellow music man Pete, but has turned-out to be far less fun and a lot more aggressive than anticipated.

So, although Pete doesn't actually do that much and has snubbed the opportunity to get involved with any of the girls, it looks like his combination of good looks, boyish innocence, sensitivity, impartiality and loyalty has won fans over.

Then there's his genuinely nice demeanour, his compassion, his affinity with animals, his wacky style and his total lack of a gameplan. Oh, and the fact the his, erm, 'lunchbox' isn't exactly empty, which appeals to some fans...

Tsk, you shouldn't be looking girls (or boys, if that's your 'thang!)

It might sound mad, but even though Nikki will possibly go at the 7th Eviction tonight, akin with the bookies we still feel that she stands a slight chance. We'd like to think that Rich does also, but is that a chance of winning, or just getting into the Final Four?

Only you can decide, but don't forget that Pete could get chucked-out in one of BB's surprise Twists, especially if the all-seeing entity decides to really shake things up in the last few weeks of the game. That would leave it wide open for someone else to step into the lead.

However, if you think that Pete's got it in the bag, why not place a bet yourself and cash-in on the musician's success? At today's odds if 1/3, a £100 stake would return you £133, £200 would get you £266 back and £500 would see a rather scary return of £666!

Admittedly, you have to stake decent amounts of dosh at this stage to make it worthwhile, but frankly, it doesn't appear to be much of a risk when you consider who else could possibly beat Pete?

If you don't want to risk such large amounts though, why not back one of the other contenders, whereby you could turn a measly £25 into literally £100's at today's odds? Or, go for a bet on the next eviction, which is particularly worthwhile on the Saturday or Sunday before the nominations take place.

It's quick and easy to sign-up for an online account at BlueSquare and it's even easier to place a bet. Once you've placed your first bet of £25 or over (on any market, not just Big Brother i.e. footy, horses, Love Island etc), they'll give you a Free £25 Bet for your troubles. Can't be bad. Click here to sign-up.

Good Luck if you do decide to have a gamble this series... just don't stake your entire mortgage payment on Jayne to Win!

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