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Seventh Round Nominees Announced/ Jayne Punished

The group was gathered together at around 3pm today for the seventh round of nominations. However, the procedure wasn't a normal one as Big Bro decided to punish a certain gobby Slough resident.

Having called Jayne into the Diary Room out of turn (it should have been Ash first), the 37-year-old quickly sussed that something was afoot. So, she donned a hat and coat and jokingly said her goodbyes.

Upon entering the Diary Room, the plasma screen sprang into life and the rest of the group heard what the all-seeing entity had to say.

Berating Jayne for effectively manipulating nominations by talking about the outside world, Big Bro said, "Since entering the House, you have broken the Big Brother rules by talking about the outside world on numerous occasions".

"Jayne, Big Brother has warned you that breaking this rule would result in punishment. You have let yourself down, you have let Big Brother down, but most importantly, you have let your fellow housemates down," continued the omnipresent one.

As a result, Jayne was informed that all eleven of her peers would face the public vote this week, but that she would be exempt; the punishment presumably being that she'd have to face the wrath of the entire group?

However, their reaction was surprisingly calm, with Pete cheering, Michael remaining cool and Rich suggesting that they give her a big hug when she came out. Aisleyne's jaw hit the floor and Imogen didn't look especially impressed, neither did Jennie, Suzie, Mikey or Spiral.

When the rowdy recruitment consultant re-joined the group, she looked somewhat gutted and immediately apologised, receiving support from a good number of her peers.

With Jayne having speculated previously that she could get 'sacked' for her chat, new pal Nikki was relieved that the chunky consultant hadn't been chucked out.

With regards to who should go this week, our recent Poll suggested that you want (in this order) Jayne, Nikki, Aisleyne and Suzie out the most. Obviously you can't choose Jayne this week now, so it looks like Nikki is very much in the firing line.

However, we suggest that it might pay to keep the pain-in-the-a*se promo girl in the House for a little while longer. Honestly, as much as you may dislike Nikki, do you really want to watch a few more weeks of certified bores Suzie, Imogen and Mikey? Yawn.

And we'd probably rather see the back of Aisleyne over Nikki, purely from an entertainment perspective. We're not saying that she should win, or even that her behaviour is acceptable, but Nikki is probably the biggest character we have left.

So, with five more weeks to go after the forthcoming eviction, we think she deserves a reprieve again, although using the word 'deserve' there doesn't seem entirely appropriate.

Anyway, we don't decide who gets to stay, YOU do!

Voting lines are now open and the voting text and telephone numbers will be detailed in another article from our Latest News section soon.

Don't forget to come and vote in our Home page Poll relating to the 7th Eviction, which is just for fun. Also, to get yourself a FREE £25 Bet, to check-out the odds on the Next Eviction/ Outright Winner, or to see how we've won over £450 so far this series, please visit our Betting Zone section.

And lastly, if you'd like to have your say about the impending eviction, or indeed any other aspect of Big Brother 7, why not visit our Discussion Forums? If you don't want to give opinion yourself, you're welcome to just come and read what everyone else is saying about the show.

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