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Lea Speaks-Out About The Remaining Housemates

Lea appeared on Dermot O'Leary's 'Big Brother's Little Brother' today to offer some feedback now that she's been out for a day-and-a-half.

Revealing that prior to leaving the House she was afraid of the possible boos and bad response from the public, the leech-like former housemate also claimed that she was worried about missing Pete and Dickie.

At least we know that her and Rich parted as friends, even though the buxom body artist nominated him a couple of times (including at the most recent round).

When quizzed about her sudden hatred for Suzie during Davina's interview, Lea scathed, "Oh, nasty piece of work Suzie".

Elaborating on her comment, she said that the oldest housemate is really manipulative and has deliberately created a (Mother) role for herself to avoid being nominated.

Suzie also riled Lea by telling her that Pete isn't a proper friend, and that he won't see her on the outside, which sounds about right to us.

Continuing her attack, the pretend 35-year-old claimed that Suzie belittles people and looks down on them. So, now we know.

On the subject of Pete, Lea confirmed that he's a great guy, better than people think on the outside, but was worried that there's no-one to look after him now. This comes from a woman who left an 11-year-old behind to go into the BB House.

On that note, her son was also on the show and said that he was proud of his Mum. He was, perhaps, not so proud of her film career!

For Lea recently starred in a pornographic movie, but has claimed in the tabloids that she only did it to get money to look after her son.... which seems at odds with the fact that she's allegedly spent tens-of-thousands of pounds on plastic surgery.

About the remaining housemates, Lea had this to say in the papers:

Suzie is a total b*tch and was so belittling to her,
Nikki is funny and her tantrums made her laugh,
Mikey is fun, but that doesn't come across to viewers,
Imogen is nice but is definitely a manipulator,
Glyn is wicked and has come out of his shell,
Aisleyne is 'a proper good girl' who she'd like to meet again,
Jennie is sweet but will probably clash with Nikki,
is dead genuine,
Jayne is trying to be like her and is too loud and annoying,
Michael is a Pete wannabe,
Richard is 'wicked' and will be a pal for life, and finally,
Pete is gorgeous, inside and out, but their bond in the House was more mother/ son than anything sexual.

It will come as no surprise to hear that Lea wants her little Petey to win Big Brother 7.

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