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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

First there was Bonnie, then came Sezer, Sam, Grace, Lisa, Aisleyne (who later returned) and Jonathan; all evicted from the House with proper evictions. Tonight, that little group will be joined by either Lea or Richard at the 6th Eviction Proper.

In the weeks Grace and Lisa were 'up', we said that the outcome was largely predictable. This week is no exception.

Frankly, there's nothing Lea could have done to change the public's mind about her of late; if you've been watching the show and reading our news, you'll know why she is hated so much.

Actually, hate is such a strong word and we're not sure that Lea ranks up there with Sezer and Grace in the 'witch hunt' stakes, but she will almost certainly be leaving this week nonetheless.

Mind you, Rich isn't exactly a Saint (like Pete seems to have become), but he could start gaining popularity as fans get used to his bitchy manner... especially now that Michael is in there making the Canadian look good.

Some fans like the way that the gay waiter is prepared to confront people (Glyn) and to mock others for their ridiculous behaviour (Lisa), but others find it annoying.

Also, Richard comes across as one of the only housemates capable of intelligent conversation, yet we know little about him. We can't help feeling that he's probably a fun character on the outside, so what's holding him back?

Again, we haven't really defended Lea in this article but honestly, what is there to defend?

Her mothering ways come across as suffocating and her constant pressure and questioning of Pete is just too much. Her regular bouts of crying, her two-faced behaviour, her bitchiness and the way she always makes things about her, also grates with fans.

Unlike Imogen (to a degree), Lea doesn't look likely to change her ways any time soon, so we think she's run her course. But we don't decide who goes, YOU do!

You have until around 9pm tonight, Friday the 7th of July 2006 to register your vote. You can find the voting telephone and text numbers in another article from Week 7 of our Latest News section

Don't forget, you can come and discuss all the Big Brother goings-on in our Discussion Forums and have a real-time chat with fans at our newly-launched Friday night 'Eviction Chat Parties'. Full details of the latter can be found in our Latest News section shortly.

Lastly, it looks like Pete is holding-on as the favourite to Win BB7 and he remains a good bet provided you have a hundred 'quid or more to stake.

At today's odds of 8/15, that sort of money would get you around £50 profit if Pete wins, so it's not a bad bet. Obviously, a £300 stake would make you over £150 profit, plus your stake back, if successful.

Nikki is looking less favourable now as far as the bookies are concerned, but we still think she has a chance. At 13/2, if you staked just £25 on her to Win, you'd make over £160 profit if she pulled it off.

Instead, you may wish to consider backing potential winners such as Aisleyne, Spiral, Michael or Jennie, who all come under the 'Any other' banner as far as BlueSquare are concerned.

With current odds of 7/2, a £25 bet on any of that lot would return you £100 should they go all they way. In addition, new customers will get a Free £25 Bet added to their account once they've placed their first one, so you can't really lose!

It's quick and easy to sign-up and start betting, just click here now and enter your details. It takes literally a couple of minutes, and placing a bet is a cinch.

Good Luck.

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