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Was Jonathan Treated Unfairly? Should He Return?

Following last night's dramatic eviction of fifth newbie Jonathan, fans have dubbed the circumstances totally unfair and have even called for his return.

To be honest, the Secret House Twist was something of a joke, with Aisleyne and her five new pals having sussed-out what was going-on almost straight away.

Arranging for the first person to be evicted during the day didn't exactly help Big Bro's ruse, neither did building the Secret House (a misnomer if ever we heard one) just metres away from the main BB House.

Doh! as a certain spikey-haired cartoon character might say!

Frankly, it's not as if Jonathan was the fans' favourite newbie as he came third (beating Michael and Jayne) in our '1st Impressions' Poll, asking which newbie you like best.

We accept that people will get evicted during the show, but the way it was done was arguably ill thought-out and certainly unfair on the big fella.

You had to feel sorry for Jon last night, especially as there wasn't even a crowd to meet him as he walked through the doors. He didn't really deserve that and now fans are calling for the beefy bouncer to return to the House and play some part in the show, even if he can't win it.

This would be reminiscent of the situation during Big Brother 4, when eccentric geek Jon Tickle got the boot during a shock double-eviction in Week 4, but returned to the House in Week 8 due to the public's reaction.

As an aside, here at BBO we'd go as far as to say that some (or all) of the newbies should have been in the starting line-up; why Big Bro picked boring toff George over any of that lot, is beyond us?

Anyway, if you have an opinion on the way Big Jon was evicted, or strongly believe that he should get a chance to spend time in the main House, please vote in our latest Poll, which you'll find at the bottom of our Home page.

You may also wish to come and have your say in our Discussion Forums?

Seeing as Big Brother Online is the busiest independent website dedicated to BB in the UK, the show's producers would surely have to pay attention if a large number of viewers were up-in-arms over Jon's eviction and wanted to see more of him?

Who Returns? YOU Decide ...maybe!

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