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Glyn Gets Totally Wrecked

Glyn had one too many bevvies tonight and hilarity ensued as the drunken teenager failed to hold his drink... but not everyone was amused!

Earlier in the evening, having consumed plenty of champers and cider, the tipsy Welshman was swaying-around the bedroom while talking to his peers.

And in time-honoured 'Yorrr my bezzt mmate' drunken fashion, he proceeded to tell his pals what he thought of them.

He dubbed Nikki 'the entertainer', Ash his friend, Imogen his 'little sister', Mikey and Pete 'good friends' and Lea his own personal Victoria Silvstedt.

Then, in a traditional 'get drunk and tell people what you really think' manoeuvre, he told Nikki that she seems younger than him (she is 6 years older), before adding insult to injury by saying, "The truth is, you complain to much". She just laughed it off.

Later, after going into the bathroom and retching, a completely wrecked Glyn was then put to bed by Mikey and issued with a bucket, which he duly used.

"Be sick in the bucket lad. It's alright, just get it up," said Mikey, as Imogen covered her mouth in disgust. Mikey and Rich then helped to get him settled, but Suzie was not impressed and Ash moaned, "It stinks. We've asked for some air freshener".

Suddenly, Glyn needed to chunder again, but the bucket had been removed from the bedroom. Hmm, smart move that!

Total panic ensued as Suzie rushed around saying, "Oh my God, he's going again," and Richard amusingly jumped up-and-down. Lea darted around trying to find the bucket and Imogen dived for cover.

With no time to waste and everyone in a flap, Mikey literally dragged Glyn out of bed and into the loo, where he spilled his guts down the pan.

The drunken schoolboy settled-down once more, but it wasn't long before he mumbled, "Get us the bucket, Mick". Yet again, however, it wasn't present. So, Glyn got up of his own accord and headed for the kitchen sink.

"Aahhh no... the kitchen sink," shrieked Richard in semi-amused panic, and upon hearing Rich's cry Glyn headed for the patio doors, but couldn't fit through... so he was sick into his hands and consequently all over the floor. Ewww!

The youngster then went out into the garden and sat on all fours retching, but a priggish Suzie didn't want to let him back in, moaning that her kind of people just don't do that.

Oh shut-up Suzie, it was a laugh. To paraphrase Mikey, what young lad hasn't had too much to drink and done it? As the scouse IT man said, if you don't like it, "Do one!" (go home).

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