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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

Five people have already been evicted so far, and another three have left by other means, but tonight would-have seen the 6th Eviction of the series if it wasn't for Big Bro's big Twist.

For there's no proper eviction as such; instead, one of the two nominees will be sent to a Secret House as mentioned in our Latest News section last Friday.

That person, either Aislyene or Suzie, will then spend a number of days with 5 potential new housemates, some of whom will return to the main BB House with the 'evictee' at some point over the coming week.

To re-iterate, the person leaving tonight will be the nominee with the highest percentage in the public vote, just as normal. All Big Brother has done this week is swapped the phrase 'vote to evict' for 'vote to move'.

Polls indicate that fans want Ash to go tonight, and we think we know why.

Bearing in mind that viewers will get to see footage from the Secret House next week, of the two nominees Aisleyne would be the most interesting to watch.

Also, certain housemates will undoubtedly bitch about her and rub their hands with glee once she's gone. We can't wait to see their faces when she walks back through the door!

On the other hand, if Suzie were to go tonight there'd be hardly a ripple amongst the group, and fans would probably groan when the ever-so-dull housemate returns.

Someone suggested on 'Big Brother's Big Mouth' recently that a good reason for sending Suzie would be to lull the 5 'newbies' into thinking that everyone is nice, like her. In other words, so they'd get a shock when they see what the main House is really like.

However, that's a bit lame really and to be honest, they probably watched the show for the first few weeks anyway, so will know all the remaining characters by now.

That said, there is another reason why you might want to send Suzie to the Secret House and this one genuinely might change your mind because it has an impact on the game. Basically, Big Bro is implementing a twist-upon-twist type scenario.

All will be revealed in another article, which we'll publish later today.

In the meantime, why not come and join-in with the BB discussion or just see what everyone else has to say in our Discussion Forums?

Lastly, even if you've previously had no interest in betting, there's still time to go for a bet on who might Win the series before it all becomes blatantly obvious and the odds plummet. Bookies' favourite Pete is currently 8/15, which means you stand to win £8 profit for every £15 staked, plus you get your stake back.

So, a £150 stake would make you £80 profit, £300 would make you £160 profit and a £1000 stake would make you over £500. Are we the only ones mad enough to stake those sort of amounts?

Actually, if you were going to stake such large amounts, you'd really want a side-bet on someone like Nikki or Glyn to safeguard your money. We'll explain more about side bets in our Betting Zone section soon, where you can find details of how to get yourself a FREE £25 Bet.

If you're of the opinion that Pete could fade-out by the series Finale, you might want to forget all that 'side-bet' malarkey and back someone else to Win instead. At the current odds of 5/1 and 8/1 respectively, a £30 stake on either Nikki or Glyn would get you a profit of £150 or £240 respectively, plus your stake back. Might be worth a go, especially as you get a FREE £25 bet anyway? (after you've placed your first bet, valued at least £25).

Anyway, who goes tonight? YOU decide! You have until around 9pm tonight, Friday the 30th of June 2006 to register your vote. You can find the voting telephone and text numbers in another article from Week 6 of our Latest News section.

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