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Imogen Sabotages Latest Task

Big Brother set the group a new shopping budget Task tonight, but also appointed a saboteur to deliberately mess it up; the mischievous old entity!

For the task, a huge square tank containing 796 pints of milk was installed in the garden, featuring outlet holes on each face. There was a red line painted half-way up the tank and the housemates had to ensure that the level stayed above that line for 48 hours.

They would take it in turns to plug the holes with their hands, but little did they know that Imogen, who just happened to come to the Diary Room at the right time, was in cahoots with Big Bro.

As the task got going, Nikki moaned (Never? - Ed) about the smell and all the mess, saying, "Urgh, it's all over my jumper... I smell like a cows udder... I feel like a bloody milkmaid".

She later told Big Bro that she wasn't doing it, and then tried to get Richard and Lea to give-up and forego the luxury shopping budget. However, when Mikey got wind of the idea, he was having none of it.

When asked for her opinion on quitting, Imogen just replied, "If we lose milk, we lose milk. I'm not fussed," but of course, it was her job to make sure that the group failed, in order to pass!

So, when it came time for her to have a go, she was the most inept hole-plugger possible, letting it gush through her fingers at an alarming rate. He he.

Pete, on the other side of the tank, thought he could hear dripping, but Imogen put it down to milk that had already split-out. She then continued to empty the tank, at one point attempting to swap holes and consequently letting loads of milk out as she pretended to be flustered.

Later, a concerned Suzie asked fellow plugger Imogen, "This is going down at a ridiculous rate, can you not stop it?" but after 6 hours and with it starting to get light in the garden, Big Brother instructed the pair to step away from the tank.

The group had 'somehow' managed to let around 400 pints spill out. Oops!

Fearing that they'd failed, Ash and Nikki briefly quizzed the most recent pluggers Suzie and Imogen about how it happened, but the latter just said, "I tried my best".

So, they failed miserably... but really, they've passed. Yippee! Big Bro will announce the result tomorrow.

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