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Your 'Secret House' Questions Answered

We've received quite a few e-mails about the Secret House since Friday, but the truth is, even we don't know what's going-on in respect of certain aspects of BB's latest twist.

Further to our previous article here, we can confirm that the nominations took place on Monday afternoon as usual and the nominees – two or more in number – will be announced on Tuesday evening.

The public will then start voting vote for one person to leave the Big Brother house as usual, but in effect there won't actually be a proper eviction as that person will simply be moving.

Here's some of your questions answered as best we can:

Q1. Are the public voting to 'evict' or to 'save' someone on Friday the 30th of June?

A. You are actually voting to 'move' someone from the main BB House to the Secret House. So, the public can decide to get rid of someone they really want to see the back of, or vote to move someone who would be entertaining in the Secret House and will hopefully return.

Q2. On that last point, will the, er, 'movee' (the person we send to the Secret House) be coming back?

A. We fully appreciate that you need to know this in-order to decide who to send packing on Friday night. However, the producers are keeping schtum and we can only assume that they will release this information once the nominees have been announced on Tuesday evening. To be frank, surely there has to be a good chance that the movee will be able to come back? However, whether the public will decide, or whether there'll be some kind of task in the Secret House to decide, remains to be seen. (Edit: This point has now been clarified in a later article here).

Q3. Will any of the 5 newbies eventually make it into the main Big Brother House?

A. Yes, a number of them will, but it has yet to be determined how many. It is likely that their stay in the Secret House will last between 5 and 7 days.

Q4. Are the 5 new housemates totally new faces, or people we've seen on Big Brother before at some point?

A. Big Brother is being coy about this but if you remember, a few weeks ago inside sources told us that they were 'concentrating on new faces' this year. However, that hasn't prevented a rumour starting that one of the newbies is a current housemate's Mum! Also, when Sam came out of the House she hinted to us that she might be returning, and mentioned something about a 'bedsit' scenario as used in BB5. The Secret House would seem to be a very similar concept, just on a grander scale.

Q5. Do the 5 newbies know that they are going into a Secret House?

A. No, they are totally unaware of the situation and are currently in-hiding, so they won't have seen the news. When they enter one-by-one on Friday night, they will think that they're going straight into the Big Brother House to meet Pete, Nikki and Richard etc. The 5 newbies will arrive in the Secret House just after the movee settles-in.

Q6. So for 5-7 days, will fans see footage from both Houses on the live feed, alternated according to what's going on?

A. Yes, but remember that as always, Big Brother decides what it wants us to see. Apparently some interesting things happened with Kinga, Orlaith and Eugene in the Secret Garden last year, but we never got to see the footage. Also, fans often accuse the producers of deliberately censoring the live feeds in-order to gain unique footage for the daily Channel 4 catch-up shows, but we can't possibly comment on that. Ahem!

Q7. Does the Secret House have its own Diary Room?

A. No, all 14 people will share the same Diary Room. So, if fans send Nikki to the Secret House for instance, you can imagine that she'll hog it and the main housemates will be wondering why they can't get in for hours on end! The Secret House has a living area, dining area, bedroom, shower room and garden.

Q8. How will they stop the two groups of housemates hearing each another, especially when they're both out in their respective gardens?

A. No official word on this, but Big Bro probably won't let them out at the same time. The Secret housemates will likely have to compromise and accept that they can't go out as much. Or, they may have an equal amount of time whereby the main housemates get locked in more than they do now. Indeed, the latter scenario could even be a ploy to increase the paranoia of the main housemates. One thing worth remembering is that the newbies and the movee will be told that if they do anything to alert the main housemates of their existence, they will be sent straight home. So, you can be sure that they'll comply and be quiet when they need to.

We speculated in our earlier article that a really popular housemate like Pete could get evicted/ moved this week, and suggested that it would be a real shock to the remaining contestants.

It would be that, for sure, but we forgot to take into account that they probably won't put someone like that 'up' for eviction this week anyway. Oh well, we've got an interesting time ahead whoever gets moved, but our current Home page Poll suggests that fans would like it to be moaning-mini Nikki.

To save our ears, let's just hope they've installed a log fire and central heating in the Secret House!

Stick with BBO for more information as it comes in. In the meantime, why not come and chat about Big Bro's latest twist in our Discussion Forums, or if you prefer, just read what other fans have to say?

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