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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

At tonight's 5th Eviction either Imogen, Lisa, Mikey or Nikki will become the eighth person to leave the Big Brother House, the fifth person to leave as the result of a proper eviction process.

We said at this stage last week that it was completely pointless discussing the whys and wherefores of keeping either nominee because Grace was a dead-cert to go.

The situation isn't quite the same this week, but we have a very strong feeling that Lisa's days are numbered. After all, she has over 60% in our Poll, which was within 1% accurate last week.

And even if the various Polls around the 'net were to somehow be out by 20% this week, Lisa would still be in the lead!

To be honest, the profanity-prone housemate has become increasingly cranky lately, but her fate was sealed when she effectively stood-up for Grace last week post-'Watergate' scandal.

Mikey and Imogen were also dismissive of the incident where Suzie got drenched, but it was Lisa who got into a barnie with Aisleyne and hurled a little bike across the bedroom in temper.

The public are now tolerating-cum-starting to like Nikki, however they are not really bothered about boring mumbler Mikey and have put Imogen on the back boiler for now. If it were those three up for eviction, the voting would be more even. Perhaps next week?

If you think Lisa will go this week, you'd have to stake around £1000 on her to make a bet worthwhile now i.e. the bookies are pretty sure that she'll go. We placed a bet early, when the nominees were first announced, and we should make £75 this week if the mouthy Mancunian goes.

But Pete is still the favourite to Win and so at today's odds of 4/11, you'd have to stake a fair few 'quid on him to make it worthwhile. A £300 stake would make you £109 profit (plus your stake back) and a £500 stake would make you just over £180 profit.

So, provided you can afford to risk that kind of money, it's probably a good bet. Click here to visit the BlueSquare website (head for the TV Specials section) and get yourself a FREE £25 Bet, or visit our dedicated Betting Zone section.

Anyway, who goes tonight? YOU decide! You have until around 9pm tonight, Friday the 23rd of June 2006 to register your vote. You can find the voting telephone and text numbers in another article from Week 5 of our Latest News section.

And lastly, if you want to express an opinion about tonight's eviction, or just have your say about Big Brother in general, then why not come and join-in at our Discussion Forums?

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