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Fourth Nominations In Detail

Last week, the nomination procedure wasn't as normal because Golden Girl Suzie got to choose the two nominees. This week, the procedure also strayed from the norm, as Big Bro punished five housemates for discussing nominations.

The result of that punishment was that Nikki became a definite nominee, but the five housemates who weren't being punished then had to go into the Diary Room and nominate as usual.

To re-iterate, they could not choose Nikki, and all the votes received in the punishment round, where Glyn, Imogen, Lea, Lisa and Nikki were made to stand up, were cancelled-out.

Here's who they chose to nominate:

Aisleyne - Lisa & Mikey
Ash revealed her first nominee by saying, "I'm just gonna' go with the obvious... and the obvious is Lisa". Her reasons were because Lisa got in her face when she kicked-off about Grace chucking water over Suzie last Friday. Aisleyne then said that she'd reviewed the water-throwing incident and realised that Lisa knew Grace was planning to do it and so had effectively encouraged it. Also, Ash had heard from Nikki that Lisa slags her off behind her back. Her second choice, again connected to the Suzie thing, was Mikey because he told her to shut-up at the time. Also, he's been really nice to her since Grace left but was snappy before, which Aisleyne deemed to be 'double standards'.

Mikey - Lea & Suzie
His first nomination was for Lea because she's something of a Mother figure to many housemates, which Mikey felt was a ploy to avoid being nominated. Mikey then stated that Lea talks about people behind their backs, notably Imogen. "I think she's two-faced." Mikey's second nominee was Suzie because, "She doesn't bring or add anything to the table". He stated that people feel the need to act differently around Suzie, and then accused her of being false and two-faced by being friendly to his gang when she really doesn't like them.

Pete - Imogen & Lisa
Pete named Imogen as his first nominee because she doesn't do much. Mocking her oft-stony face and quiet demeanour, Pete added, "(She's) a bit bland... she's alright... but not much talking goes on between me and her". His second choice was Lisa because she's got such a short fuse and blows-up over anything. Pete said that they were close at one stage, but because of her unpredictable behaviour and paranoia he's become more distant from her.

Richard - Imogen & Glyn
Imogen was Richard's first nominee, because she just hasn't learnt her lesson about not discussing nominations. "I can accept that it can happen once... but with Imogen we're talking three weeks in a row that she's broke the rules." Rich then stated that Imogen doesn't contribute a lot to the House and suggested that his earlier (Plastic) comment about her being dull, boring, ordinary and fake, is accurate. Richard's second choice was Glyn because he no longer gets on with him. "When he came into this House he was this kind-of wonderful little geek (with) really nice qualities to him. He was very gentle, considerate of others... but he's losing those principles he came in with," said the waiter, before stating that Glyn is getting a nasty temper and ego now.

Suzie - Lisa & Mikey
Suzie went for Lisa because she's a very heavy smoker and gets bad-tempered, noting that things could get tricky if Lisa runs-out of tobacco. Mikey was her second choice, Suzie saying, "I had the incident Friday where I had a beaker of water thrown over me and Mikey was very quick to dismiss it... in my eyes, I'm the only one who can dismiss the incident". Suzie also believed that Mikey knew Grace was going to do it. His later apology had made little difference.

So, the tally after the fourth round of nominations was: Lisa: 3, Imogen and Mikey: 2, Glyn, Lea and Suzie: 1 each, Aisleyne, Pete and Richard: 0. Therefore, Lisa, Imogen and Mikey would join Nikki in-facing eviction this week.

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