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Fourth Round Nominees Announced

At the fourth round of nominations yesterday, Nikki ended-up as a definite nominee as a result of Big Bro's punishment. However, she will be joined in-facing eviction this week by Imogen, Lisa and Mikey.

For those three received the join-most number of votes in the nomination procedure which followed the rule-breakers punishment (see previous articles for details).

To re-iterate, non-punished housemates Aisleyne, Mikey, Pete, Richard and Suzie got to vote for two people as normal, and were allowed to nominate anyone but Nikki or themselves.

The tally from the punishment round did not carry over, so any votes the naughty five received when stood-up were wiped.

So, as predicted, Lisa is one of the nominees this week and frankly she might aswell pack her bags now. That said, even though she polled almost 50% of the votes in our recent Poll against nine other people, it's not cut and dried.

We say this because Imogen isn't exactly popular with the public and of course, Nikki hasn't become any less annoying. Fair enough, the latter only received 12% of the public vote last week, but that was up-against national hate figure Grace.

Still, even we have developed something of a fondness for Nikki and although we wouldn't wanna' be shacked-up with her in the confines of the Big Brother House, we have to admit that she's bl**dy entertaining to watch!

And lastly, on to Mikey. He's a 'something-and-nothing' character really and so fans aren't all that bothered what happens to him.

His argument with Nikki recently was a bit out-of-order, or at the least the way he went about it was. And some fans are annoyed with the way he seems to be taking gullible Glyn under his wing.

Ultimately though, fans have bigger fish to fry this week and also, they would probably like to see Mikey 'get it on' with Ash or Imogen, mainly to rile lovely young Gracie!

So, we reckon mouth-almighty Lisa should go this week, but we don't decide, YOU do!

Voting lines are now open and the voting text and telephone numbers will be detailed in another article from our Latest News section soon.

Don't forget to come and vote in our Home page Poll relating to the 5th Eviction, which is just for fun.

Lastly, if you'd like to have your say about any aspect of Big Brother 7, or place a bet on who might Win the series, head over to our Discussion Forums and Betting Zone sections respectively.

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