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BB's Punishment Twist At Nomination Time

The next round of nominations took place at around 2pm today, but Big Bro wasn't happy to just ban five housemates from nominating. Oh, no... the all-seeing entity had something much crueller up its sleeve.

As the group were gathered around waiting to make their nominations, they suspected nothing was amiss. Richard even ribbed Imogen that she would be banned again this week and the 23-year-old replied, "Don't! I haven't said anything this week".

The gay waiter then remarked to the Welsh barmaid, "So this is the first time you'll get to nominate, yeh?" Well, sort-of Rich...

Big Bro started the proceedings by reminding the group that they must not discuss nominations. The five people who were banned, Glyn, Imogen, Lea, Lisa and Nikki, were then asked to stand-up and nominate one of their fellow rule-breakers; there would be a tally at the end.

Glyn was first up and voted for Nikki. Next, Imogen said, "I'm really, really, sorry about this," before naming Lea. Lea, tried to suggest that she wouldn't do it, before being told by her peers that they'd probably all go up if she didn't. So, she chose Imogen, saying, "I am so, so sorry".

Lisa chose her nominee by saying, "Nikki. I'm sorry," and last-up, a tearful Nikki quickly said, "I choose Lisa". So, it was two votes for Nikki and one each for Lea, Imogen and Lisa. Glyn received none.

The whole business, whilst lacking the drama and ferocity, reminded us of a group of piranhas turning on each other, but the strange thing is that Lisa didn't think (or want) to choose Glyn. Had she done that, it would have least been fair as they would all have faced the public vote then.

It's easy to say that she didn't have time to think, but when you consider the consequences (i.e. that she would have been putting herself up if she'd chosen Glyn), Lisa probably deliberately shunned any notion of fairness in a bid to save her own skin.

So, Nikki will definitely face the public vote for a third time and will be joined by at least two more nominees, because Aisleyne, Mikey, Pete, Richard and Suzie were then asked to go into the Diary Room and nominate two people as normal. Their nominations, however, could not include Nikki.

This week's nominees, and full details of who nominated who, will be announced on Tuesday.

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