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Is Glyn Playing A Game?

He comes across as the naive young boy (as some older BB viewers like to call him!), but is Glyn really playing a clever game?

To be frank, finding the word 'clever' and Glyn in the same sentence is a bit of a surprise, as harsh as that sounds.

Okay, so Dermot says that Glyn came top out-of all the original housemates in an IQ test, but we've yet to get our hands on those tests and wonder if they were just personality tests or something.

After all, we know that Glyn's first language is not English, and that he's a schoolboy who's Mum does everything for him, and we appreciate that he's only 18, but even so, he does come across as totally gormless!

Some fans find his naivety quite charming and really love the way that he's apparently learning life skills – like how to make a sandwich – whilst in the House. Other fans find him dull and annoying, and have speculated over whether he has a gameplan or not.

This stems from the fact that Glyn will say or do whatever he has-to in order to stay popular with whoever he needs to.

If you recall, he was partly responsible for hiding the booze on Day 14 and lied to Sezer about it, yet Richard took all the flak. And over the recent 'Beergate' incident during-which Mikey challenged Nikki, Glyn felt the need to suck-up to the former and offer to take the blame.

Glyn is happy to snigger when the Plastics are taking the mickey out of Richard, but has admitted that he's trying to stay friends with everyone, even though he accused Richard in the Diary Room of playing a game.

But isn't sitting on the fence, never getting involved in conflict, sucking-up to the most powerful party and deliberately being a wallflower also playing a game of sorts? These kind-of people always do well in Big Brother, after all.

Anyway, if you seriously think that the lanky lifeguard can Win Big Brother 7, or indeed want him to win, why not back him with a bet?

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Good Luck!

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