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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

At tonight's eviction, the fourth evictee will leave the house; the seventh person to go after Shahbaz quit, Dawn got disqualified, Bonnie was evicted, George left, Sezer was evicted and most recently, Sam was evicted last week.

The choice, as you probably know, is between Grace and Nikki, but let's not beat around the bush and discuss the reasons for keeping either nominee; Grace is DEFINITELY going tonight.

Just to re-iterate our point, she's currently 1/100 at the bookies, which means you'd need to stake (risk) £100 in-order to make just £1 profit. Blimey!

Lisa tried telling the nominee recently that the public vote might be split 50/50, but her subsequent suggestion that Grace thinks it's closer to 80%/20% (in Nikki's favour) was much closer to the mark.

To be honest, the public have become more used to Nikki now and that's reflected in the fact that she's currently third favourite to Win BB7, being 12/1 at the bookies (hmm... could be a good bet, that?)

It's a shame that Grace, who recently admitted that Richard can be nice when you get chatting to him, didn't heed his advice and change her two-faced, bitchy, vindictive and controlling ways.

Still, judging by the 'Get Grace Out!' chants at Sam's eviction last Friday night, Grace's fate was sealed anyway, especially when Suzie served-up what the public wanted at the Third Nominations.

But it's not over until Michelle McManus sings (arf!), so make sure you register your vote for whichever nominee you wish to see the back of... especially if you're keen to see Grace leave with a percentage higher than Sezer's mammoth 91%!

Lastly, we can't really lose with our latest bet, which we placed last Saturday before Suzie's nominations had taken place. That's not exactly true, we could lose £10 if Nikki goes tonight, but frankly we'll probably make £100 when Grace goes.

Check-out our Betting Zone section to see our betting activity throughout the series, and you can also find details of how to get yourself a FREE £25 Bet.

Who goes tonight? YOU decide! You have until around 9pm tonight, Friday the 16th of June 2006 to register your vote. You can find the voting telephone and text numbers in another article from Week 4 of our Latest News section.

Lastly, if you fancy voicing your opinion about tonight's 4th Eviction, why not come and join-in with the banter at our Discussion Forums?

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