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Group Fails Task... Spectacularly!

The group has failed the latest shopping budget Task in the most spectacular fashion, notching-up more fails then ever before in BB history!

Here's what they did wrong on the first day of the task (Tuesday):

1. At 10.43am, Nikki sang a line from an unauthorised song.

2. At 11.06am, Richard sang 'Say A Little Prayer' by Aretha Franklin.

3. At 11.11am, Pete sang one line from the En Vogue song 'My Lovin''.

4. At 11.30am, Aisleyne sang a snatch of 'Say A Little Prayer'.

5. At 11.37am, Pete sang 'Shut Up' by Black Eyed Peas.

6. At 12.09pm, Mikey sang an Avril Lavigne song.

7. At 12.09pm, Pete sang 'Perfect Day'.

8. At 12.28pm, Glyn sang a line from Elton John's 'Are You Ready For Love?'.

9. At 12.56pm, Mikey sang 'Earth Song' by Michael Jackson.

10. At 12.58pm, Pete sang the theme tune to 90's cartoon series 'Pinky and the Brain', but was stopped by Mikey.

11. At 12.58pm, Mikey continued singing the theme from 'Pinky and the Brain'. Doh!

12. At 13.13pm, Glyn sang towards a helicopter passing-over the House.

13. At 13.27pm, Glyn sang the folk song 'Oh My Darling, Clementine'.

14. At 14.57pm, Imogen sang the Big Brotherhood Song.

15. At 15.00pm, Mikey made up a song about one of Suzie's favourite foods, strawberries.

16. At 15.17pm, Glyn sang 'I've Got The Music In Me'.

17. At 16.42pm, Glyn sang 'Hey Mr Elephant' ...erm, don't ask!

18. At 18.36pm, Lea and Nikki scoffed some banned foodstuff, namely chocolate.

19. At 18.38pm, Aisleyne sang an impromptu song whilst messing around with Nikki, 'Ride the Punani'.

20. At 20.31pm, Glyn sang 'I Want To Be With You Everywhere'.

21. At 22.42pm, Nikki sang 'Let's Hear It For The Boy' from Footloose.

22. At 22.45pm, Nikki sang an unauthorised song.

23. At 23.07pm, Nikki sang 'Fame' while she danced.

24. At 23.28pm, Nikki sang yet another unauthorised song whilst dancing!

On day two (Wednesday) the Rule violations were:

25. At 11.36am, Aisleyne sang 'Area Codes' by Ludacris.

26. At 16.12pm, Glyn and Pete both sang the theme tune to Inspector Gadget.

27. At 16.47pm, Lisa sang 'Can I Touch The Sky?'

28. At 17.05pm, Aisleyne burst into 'Prince Charming' from Adam and the Ants.

29. At 17.09pm, Pete sang 'The Bare Necessities' from the Jungle Book.

30. At 17.10pm, Aisleyne sang 'Breathe In, Breathe Out".

31. At 17.12pm, Pete sang 'A Spoonful Of Sugar' from Mary Poppins.

32. At 17.14pm, Richard ate some chocolate, which was not on the list of permitted foodstuffs.

So, the tally of Muppetry was: Pete and Glyn with 7 each, Nikki with 6, Aisleyne with 5, Mikey with 4, Richard with 2, and Imogen, Lea and Lisa with 1 each. Only Grace managed to stick within the rules.

Breaking the news to the group, Suzie told them, "Never before in the history of Big Brother has a task been failed so many times, and by so many people". It then took around seven minutes to reel off their failings, with the Dictator informing her peers that there'd been 33 occasions.

Actually, we make it either 32 fails according to above list, or 34 of you take into account that on two occasions two people broke the rules. Whatever, they failed. And then some!

The housemates laughed and cheered at their pathetic effort and then burst into a rendition of Bare Necessities, which was very apt given that they'll be on a basic shopping budget for next week as a consequence.

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