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New Task: The State Of Suzie

The housemates woke this morning to find a dictator ruling over them... not the ultimate controlling force known as Big Brother, but Golden Girl Suzie!

Everyone probably thought that her power had diminished now that the Third Nominations are over-and-done-with. However, Big Bro obviously had other ideas and has made the oldest housemate head of the 'State Of Suzie'.

And just like in a real dictatorship, pictures of the woman herself have been put-up literally everywhere, not to mention all the banners and a bust in the garden.

Having spotted an image of ageing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Suzie latched-on straight away, saying to the group, "This could be a problem because this is Castro. He's a dictator. It means that they're going to make me dictate to the house".

Richard was enthusiastic, but Lea was aghast at the brainwash-inducing amount of pictures dotted around the gaff.

Obviously, moaning mini Nikki wasn't exactly over the moon, and Grace's face was an absolute picture as the sarcastic sourpuss moaned, "I'm gonna' f***ing love this task... What a load of old s**t"

And things didn't get any better for the two nominees, as they had to promise to obey the person responsible for putting them 'up' this week. He he.

"I pledge allegiance to the State of Suzie. I promise to respect my leader, to obey her laws and to be a loyal citizen. Long live Suzie," said the group in their shambolic first attempt at reciting a pledge in unison.

However, Nikki threatened to do the exact opposite and 'mess it up to p*ss them off'.

During the task, Suzie's subjects must assemble, salute and recite the pledge upon hearing a fanfare, they must not sing any songs apart from their leader's favourites, can only eat lobster, poached salmon, strawberries, bread and margarine, and must stand in line when Suzie has something important to say.

The group will have failed the task if the Rules are broken on more than three occasions, whereupon they'll receive basic food rations for next week. Pass the task, and they get a bumper shopping budget.

You've got to laugh at Big Bro's cheek in making Suzie top dog; talk about making a girl even more unpopular with the Plastics? We can't wait to see how this one pans out.

Coup, anyone?

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