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Third Nominees Announced: Grace & Nikki

Today, the third round of nominations took place, and the nominees were announced as soon as sole-nominator Suzie had emerged from the Diary Room.

The two people facing the boot at the 4th Eviction on Friday the 16th of June, are Grace and Nikki.

With the newcomer having spent 20+ minutes chatting to Big Bro, it was a tense time for the rest of group who were fully aware that her nominations would decide who faces eviction on Friday.

Aisleyne brought up the subject of what to say if Suzie came-out aware of the situation, and everyone agreed that they should be honest if she said anything, but would otherwise keep schtum.

However, Big Brother (allegedly) didn't let Suzie in on the twist and so when she sat down with the rest of the group, she fully expected everyone else to go in and nominate.

As Grace chewed her finger, Imogen looked apprehensive and Nikki was on tenterhooks before nervously laughing as Big Bro strung-out the result like never before.

Grace's name was called-out first and she showed little reaction, simply saying, "I knew. I'm fine. It's cool".

After a huge pause, Nikki's name was announced and Suzie said sheepishly, "I am so sorry folks. They have made me into such a b*tch... I do feel really dreadful".

Richard re-iterated that BB had stitched the newcomer up but it was no consolation for nominees Nikki and Grace, who quickly moved to the garden for a 'It'll be me' 'No, it'll be ME' type conversation.

Whilst neither girl burst into tears, Nikki got angry and spat, "Now that I know (she chose me), I don't want to be here anymore... (not) if she doesn't like me," but Grace was adamant that she would be kicked-out, stating, "No babe, I've obviously done something".

So, for the second week in a row Nikki is facing eviction, but she's almost certainly safe this week. After all, when choosing from a possible ten housemates in our recent 'Who Do You Want Out Next?' Poll, just 5% of you voted for Nikki but a whopping 65% voted for Grace.

Had it been Lea facing Grace on Friday night, it could have been a very different story in light of the former's general nastiness and O.T.T. smothering of Pete lately.

But it is Grace who's heading for a fall this Friday, and part of the reason is that she just can't see what she's done wrong, despite Richard effectively telling her to take a good look at herself.

Who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open and the voting text and telephone numbers will be detailed in another article from our Latest News section soon.

Don't forget to come and vote in our Home page Poll relating to the 4th Eviction, which is just for fun.

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