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It's Nomination Day And Suzie Decides

Today, the third round of nominations will take place, but it won't be the normal procedure as only newcomer Suzie is permitted to nominate.

With the group sat around as usual, Big Bro's Golden Girl will be called into the Diary Room and asked to give her nominations. However, she won't be followed-in by anyone else.

So, the future of her peers is in the 43-year-old's hands, but fans need to remember that she is not aware of the consequences of her actions today, or that nobody else will be voting.

In other words, she may not go for the people we want out, mainly because she doesn't know how powerful her vote is and how much it counts.

Of course, even if she likes Grace, if Suzie has any sense she will definitely nominate her. After all, she was made fully aware of the overwhelming disdain for the bitchy dance teacher by the fans' chanting on Friday night.

If Su doesn't choose Grace, the situation will be reminiscent of BB5 when latecomer Becki Seddiki had the chance to give someone a 'Judas Kiss' nomination, but chose Michelle Bass when the public were gunning for Jason Cowan and Victor Ebuwa.

Not exactly a smart move if you want to endear yourself to the voting public?

It's hard to know what she's going to do though, because her inviting Lea to the slap-up meal on Saturday night was something of a surprise. Did she already favour the fellow boob-job recipient, or was she just seeing for herself what Lea's really like?

Either way, if we speculate that Suzie probably won't choose any of her guests – Lea, Glyn, Richard and Aisleyne – that leaves six other possible nominees.

Not quite, because Lisa won immunity from nomination last night and so that narrows Suzie's possible choices to Grace, Imogen, Mikey, Nikki and Pete.

And while we're second-guessing the pretty newcomer, unless she's determined to split Grace and Mikey up, she probably won't choose either of the two lads... which means it's not looking good for Grace, Imogen and Nikki.

Ah well, we'll just have to wait 'til later to see what happens, but in the meantime fans have been hoping that Suzie will play it tactically and nominate Grace and Pete.

Just think: with Pete being the current favourite to Win, imagine Grace's face after being booted-out with something like a 99% majority!

We've already placed a speculative bet on the outcome of the 3rd Eviction which will be detailed in our Betting Zone section soon. If you'd like to make a few quid on the next eviction and get yourself a FREE £25 Bet, head over to the BlueSquare website.

Oh, and should she face eviction this week, only stake your life savings on Grace going if you're certain that she won't walk (in which case you'd lose your stake).

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