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Can Richard Do It?

We've been thinking about betting again and wonder if Richard can go all the way and become the eventual Winner of Big Brother 7? In fact, we've just backed him to do-so.

At the start of the series we backed Grace, but frankly that bet is looking rather shaky now!

That said, we did think that when Sezer left she might become nicer towards everyone, but that side of Grace hasn't materialised yet; her only concession being that she recently admitted to liking Richard.

So, can the pretty dance teacher pull it back? If you think 'yes', then you may wish to take the current odds of 33/1 on her Winning BB7 (at the time of writing).

Another housemate we had high hopes for was Imogen.

After her recent chats with Richard, we thought she might heed his advice and change her ways. However, that hasn't happened yet and so her odds of Winning remain reasonably high at 28/1.

And so on to the big guy himself.

We feel that Richard is starting to win over more-and-more fans now, who've realised that he is a genuine guy. Of course there's a long way to go yet, but should Pete become tiresome, or indeed, get thrown-out in a sudden shock eviction, then someone else will be in with a shout of Winning.

Richard's odds came down from 22/1 at the end of last week to 20/1 yesterday (Monday 6th June), so we decided to back him to Win BB7 with a £25 stake. This will return us £525 if it comes good. Not bad!

However, obviously other fans have been thinking along the same lines as us, as Rich's odds have since dropped to 14/1. If he isn't named as one of the nominees later today, they'll probably drop even further.

But a £25 bet at those odds would still net you a profit of £350 should the gay waiter go all the way. All you're risking there is £25, but of course should you wish to double your stake, your potential profit would also double.

If you'd like to have a flutter on Richard, or indeed any of the other housemates, visit the BlueSquare website by clicking the following link. You just need to register, which takes literally a couple of minutes, and then you can start betting.

And provided you stake at least £25 for your first bet, you'll get a FREE £25 Bet added to your account, so you literally can't lose!

Click here to sign-up and check the latest odds in the TV Specials section, and remember to visit our own Betting Zone section throughout the series to see how much we're winning.

Good luck!

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