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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

Tonight, having spent just over two weeks in the Big Brother House, the second evictee will be kicked-out by Big Bro; the fifth person to leave since the series began.

As you probably know, the nominees are Lea, Richard and Sezer, but in respect of whether Lea should go, we don't think it's her time just yet.

Granted, it was annoying that she didn't back Richard up during the big argument on Wednesday night. It was also a bit rich her later claiming that she couldn't get a word in edgeways at the time.

Since when has that stopped her piping-up?

Talking of Richard, he hasn't really done much to alienate himself from fans, apart from bitch a little. And so far, unlike some previous gay BB contestants, he hasn't been so camp that it gets tiring.

He is also something of a victim in light of the recent flak from Sezer et al, and that's something we're a bit puzzled about here in the BBO office: the way Richard was portrayed in Thursday night's 9pm catch-up show on Channel 4.

Basically, it was edited in favour of Sezer to an extent, and didn't show anywhere near the level of aggression that came from the cocky stockbroker. And don't forget, this wasn't just a quick tiff, it was a sustained attack for around a hour; the whole thing not dying down for several hours.

In light of the aforementioned catch-up show, and wary of being accused of favouring Richard, we've since reviewed footage of the entire incident and are adamant that it was not an entirely accurate representation of what happened.

Please read our 'Sezer Attacks Richard In Huge Bust-up' article for more of an idea what happened and remember that Big Brother Online is independent of Channel 4 and we have no agenda or need to paint a particular story.

Anyway, although Sezer recently said, "I'm a boy... the girls will keep me in... no matter how bad I am," it looks from the Polls like he'll be leaving by a landslide tonight.

We're not going to pretend that we'll be bothered by that result, however as Big Brother fans we can't feeling that the really controversial characters need to stay in.

Had it been Sezer versus Glyn, as much of a hate figure as the former is, we would have pushed to keep him. However, we're not going to do that and push that Rich or Lea out.

Anyway, we don't decide, YOU do!

You have until around 9pm tonight, Friday the 2nd of June, to register your vote. You can find the telephone and text voting numbers in another article from Week 2 of our Latest News section.

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