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Sezer Attacks Richard In Huge Bust-up

Sezer and crew ganged-up on Richard tonight in an absolutely vicious verbal assault which made him threaten to leave.

It all started when Lea, Glyn and Pete hid booze from Sezer's crew, not expecting them to notice. It had been provided by Big Bro as a swap for Lisa's homemade hooch.

However, although Sezer and Imogen had already retired to the bedroom, the savvy stockbroker sussed that something was afoot and caught a glimpse of the prank in one of the mirrors.

So, having reported the incident back to Imogen, he came out to challenge them and things went downhill from there.

Having first addressed the group, he soon turned to Richard, calling him a 'pr*ck' early-on in the conversation. It was obvious that Sezer was gunning for him and it soon turned into a full-blown slanging match and very nearly fisticuffs.

With Mikey joining-in and adding fuel to the fire over previous conversations (admittedly brought-up by Richard), Rich was forced to admit something he'd said about Imogen, which was that she is dull, boring, ordinary and plastic; however he denied calling her a bi*ch.

At least Richard, who was slightly drunk, had the balls to admit what he'd said in front of the girl herself, but Sezer just got more and more angry and eventually stood right in front of him in a confrontational stance.

With Sezer having referred to Rich as a weasel, a slimeball, a f**king pr*ck, conniving and scum, the Canadian was also dubbed a bully by the man who has already admitted that it's his intention to bully other housemates.

Disappointingly, as Sezer continued to rip into the gay waiter, Lisa and Lea looked on, while Pete repeatedly scratched his tongue; Glyn didn't know what to do and just stood there inspecting his nails.

At one point the cameras moved away from the action as they did during BB5's famous Fight Night, and in fact, tonight's events were very reminiscent of that night in many ways.

After all, that was a musclebound housemate (Jason) picking a fight with a gay guy (Marco). Indeed, during last year's show an aggressive Maxwell picked on gay housemate Kemal, who initially looked like he would be able to stand-up to him, but ultimately couldn't.

The bust-up carried on for absolutely ages, having moved completely away from the original topic of the hidden bottles of beer. With Mikey, Imogen and Sezer ganging-up on Richard, he stood little chance and it was only a matter of time before he cracked.

Eventually, a stern Big Brother literally demanded that Sezer attend the Diary Room in order to prevent any possible violence.

That said, it wasn't Richard who was spoiling for a fight, it was martial artist and all-round git Sezer, despite the fact that Richard repeatedly apologised and offered to return the booze.

Rich eventually went to the Diary Room in tears and threatened to quit the show when he returned. Obviously, Sezer wasn't bothered about that, but to her credit Imogen tried to convince the 33-year-old to stay.

"Don't be nice to me now," said Richard, genuinely feeling awful about having said bad things about her. But whether Imogen was being genuine herself, or just trying to rescue some credibility with the public, remains to be seen.

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