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Who Wins Tonight? YOU Decide!

First Shahbaz agreed to leave, then Dawn was thrown-out, Bonnie got evicted and then George quit. After that, the evictions got going properly, with Sezer, Sam, Grace and Lisa getting the boot.

Aisleyne was the next to go, but only to the Secret House, followed by Jonathan getting sent home and Lea, Nikki, Jayne, Michael, Spiral, Mikey, Suzie and Imogen being evicted.

So, eighteen people have left the BB House so far, but six remain because two returned (Ash and Nikki). Three have been there since the beginning (Glyn, Pete and Richard) and one came along half-way through, but has managed to outlast all other latecomers (Jennie).

But what you want to know is, who's going to Win tonight?

Well, we could try and build-up your hopes, keep an air of mystery and encourage you to vote, but frankly we'd rather be honest and tell you for sure who definitely won't win, and that's Jennie.

It's a shame, but we're not even going to dwell on her because frankly there's no point; she has around 1% of the public vote after all. So, if you're a Jennie fan, save your money and vote for someone else, as harsh as that sounds.

About Nikki and Richard, the former is just too much of a nightmare to win, but here at BBO we feel that Rich has actually done enough to get the prize money. However, he's not going-to, so that's leaves us with three real contenders: Aisleyne, Glyn and Pete.

Pete has been the favourite all the way through the series but since Nikki came back, his popularity has taken a hit. The fact that people made a big fuss over his 'vision' conversation hasn't helped him either, although we still don't see that he's playing a game.

Aisleyne has led the 'Who do you want rid-of next?' Polls for weeks now, so we find her recent surge in popularity amazing. We don't profess to understand how she is suddenly so popular, and know that some fans are just trying to teach Channel 4 a lesson by not letting Pete win.

However, that doesn't really make sense as all they're are doing is lining C4's pockets even more by voting. Still, we're not going to take anything away from Ash and it certainly makes for an interesting Final; as does considering that Glyn is also in with a very good chance.

Everyone says that the youngster has been on some kind of journey, although his popularity definitely waned a bit recently. However, it's not unfeasible that he could make a late challenge, especially once the bottom three have been evicted.

On that note, don't forget that you can always switch allegiances if your preferred Winner gets evicted early tonight, as voting continues until quite late in the game. Also, we must stress that some fans are apparently voting 20 times for their fave, so don't just sit back and think that either Pete, Ash or Glyn have got it in the bag if you want them to win.

Rather, you need to register your support, and to do that please see the article titled 'Voting Telephone Numbers (To Win)' in Week 13 of our Latest News section, which details all the numbers you need.

If pushed to speculate on what might happen tonight, we'd say that Pete will come first, followed by Aisleyne second and Glyn third. However, Pete could be miles ahead and Glyn may overtake Ash for second place. Or, the Ghetto Princess might really be ahead as the rumours suggest and comfortably scoop the £100k prize?

On that note, please consider who deserves the money; who's entertained you the most and who you want to see doing the rounds on TV and in the mags for the next few months? If it's none of them, they're in trouble!

As you can see, the outcome is somewhat unpredictable this year and that has to be a good thing. However, if you don't vote because you think other people will, don't moan when the Winner turns out to be Tantrum Queen Nikki!

Don't forget to tune-in to Channel 4 from 8pm tonight, the 18th of August 2006. In the meantime you can always come and root for your preferred Winner in our Discussion Forums, or just read what everyone has to say if you'd rather stay in the background.

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