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Ash's Campaign Hash-up Causes Disquiet

With a couple more days until the series Finale, the housemates wrote and delivered Campaign speeches for each other today. However, one particular housemate put-in less effort than the others and it didn't go down well.

The six housemates chose a peer at random to root for, and were given an hour to write 3-minutes of passionate campaign spiel, which would be delivered from memory.

Aisleyne was first-up and claimed that she was nervous, making a total hash of her speech in support of Pete. "He's brought laughter, fun, silly faces and music to the House, and respect for nature and creepy crawly things," said Ash, fidgeting and stumbling over her words.

Her audience of five were not impressed, with Pete holding his head in his hands in mock despair, saying, "I'm a goner!" There would later be a backlash against the promo girl.

Glyn went next and told the group how Nikki was 'hilarious and funny' (the same thing), adding, "She should win because she is the cutest girl I have ever met... and a brilliant character... and she hasn't a bad bone in her body".

Jennie was batting for Glyn and said, "If he won, it would be a big achievement; one of his biggest memories. And Wales would be so proud of him". Furthermore, she told how she'd watched him grow from a boy to a man, a 'fully-grown, wicked dude' and was proud that he'd remained positive.

"Richard deserves to win because he's been one my special friends in my whole life... everybody loves Richard... because he's such a strong person and does what he believes in," said Nikki in support of good pal Rich.

"He gives the most amazing advice that I will take for the rest of my life, that I will cherish for the rest of my life," continued the mini-moaner, as tears rolled the Canadian's cheeks and Nikki nearly cracked with emotion herself.

Pete was heading Jennie's campaign and told how she's 'the sort of person you can hang around with and feel comfortable'. "She's bubbly and bouncy. She can pull silly faces... well, actually, she is silly. She's a geezer bird and that's wicked," added the madcap musician.

About the person he was representing, Rich said, "Aisleyne's no blonde bimbo, 'cos she's not a natural blonde! There's so many qualities that make her deserving, she's possibly one of the most overlooked and understated (housemates)."

Furthermore, mirroring what Nikki had said about him, Rich stated that Ash stands-up for what she believes in, before concluding, "No-one looks as good in a thong as Aisleyne!"

However, as soon the campaigning ended there was disquiet among the group, with Glyn telling Rich that he wasn't happy with Ash, and Nikki getting very vocal about the matter. Aisleyne did try and smooth things over with Pete, who subsequently told Big Brother that he didn't think she did it deliberately.

But her suggestion that she was shy – something Nikki later dubbed 'ludicrous' – doesn't really fit with her brash image, oft-feisty behaviour, previous modelling work and the fact that she wants a career in TV.

Pete told the self-styled Ghetto Princess that he was 'cool' about it, but he was clearly upset. However, it was Ash who shed some tears over the matter, wrapping herself up in a duvet and sitting in the garden on her own, sobbing away for literally hours.

Her peers eventually consoled her, but failed to comment on whether or not it was yet another trademark Aisleyne 'woe is me' incident.

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