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Can Aisleyne Win?

You may find it odd that we've picked on just one person for this article, but there has been so much hype over Aisleyne lately that we simply couldn't ignore it.

There was lots of banter over the weekend amongst fans suggesting that Ash had taken over Pete in the voting, borne mostly out-of some anti-Pete sentiment that managed to spread around the 'net.

The fact that the mohican-haired 24-year-old is spending lots of his time suction-cupped to Nikki hasn't helped him either.

To be honest, Aisleyne's sudden spurt in popularity is quite a surprise, mainly because she hasn't exactly said or done anything outstanding during her time in the House, apart from challenging Grace over the Watergate incident (twice).

That said, she has been central figure in the House and has involved herself in many of the goings-on. But then again, so has Rich and it looks like he might even come last, or at best second-from-last?

However, don't necessarily believe all you read in discussion forums, as fans have even come-up with the revelation recently (supposedly from 'inside sources') that Aisleyne is ahead of Pete in the public vote.

To our cynical eyes and ears that's just pro-Aisleyne propaganda, designed to make all the undecided voters switch to her on the back of her apparent popularity.

Of course, we would never go as far as to suggest that Channel 4 could have made the rumour up themselves in a bid to call Pete fans into action and get them voting even more. After all, why would they do that... apart from to derive more voting revenue? Ahem!

Anyway, even though she's way ahead in our current 'Who do you dislike the most?' Poll, we're not taking anything away from Ash and we appreciate that fans definitely prefer her over Nikki. But whether she can actually topple Pete, or whether she's really fighting it out with Glyn for second place, remains to be seen.

If YOU think she can do it though, why not back her at the bookies?

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